2 Days Back, I saw the match between Federer and Nadal. The Australian Open Finals, in the last set Federer was 0-2. But still won the match because of 3 important key features. I.e Ability, Believing yourself and Patience. We cannot see patience, but we can follow patience. To follow patience we need to have it inside us.

There are many things that run in our mind. Sometimes we have tried something many times and we have failed to achieve it, automatically there is a belief in our mind that we WILL NEVER be able to achieve it or its rather impossible achieving it even before we try. It has happened because we have lost patience or we have stopped believing ourselves. But, to overcome this mindset, we need to keep our patience intact and have a positive thought in our mind and atleast try for it. Go for it. Even if we have failed 10 times, its not necessary that 11th time too we are going to fail. Rather in the 11th time, we may achieve something far better than what others achieved.

We should judge ourselves by our own mind. Not by what others think about us. If we start judging our mind by what others think, we cannot live. We are the best judge for ourselves by keeping patience and Self Belief.

Sometimes it happens that we have lost our mindset and believe that we cannot achieve it, but others believe in us and give us an opportunity and we should take that opportunity and make it a success with self-belief and patience.

Music Composer OP Nayyar when he came to Mumbai in 1949, he gave music in 3 movies Aasmaan, Cham Chamma Cham and Baaz. But, all 3 movies failed in box-office, though the music was great. OP Nayyar started packing his bags and was heading back to Lahore. Baaz was produced by Guru Dutt. Guru Dutt told OP Nayyar that he was going to produce another movie and OP just try to give music in that too. OP Nayyar believed in himself as he got another opportunity and this time The movie and the music were big hits and because of the music, the movie too became a huge blockbuster and that was Aar Paar. Here we can see Guru Dutt believed OP Nayyar and OP Nayyar kept the patience and believed in himself.



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