A composer par excellence was Lal Mohammed Saheb..

In his entire film career, he just scored music for mere 4 movies. But, some of his compositions establishes and truly deserves a remarkable place.

Lal Mohammed was the assistant of Pt Ghulam Haider and also played Tabla for many of his songs. He started his film career with Tadbeer released in 1945 which had songs rendered by KL Saigal, Suraiya and Naseem Akhtar..

The first song is this classic ‘Gareebo Ki Duniya Hai Tere Hawale’ rendered by Saigal and Suraiya. By hearing such brilliant compositions by Lal Mohammed, this shows how talented composer he was. He has used heavy orchestration with gentle use of violins. A trademark composition by Lal Mohammed. This song is penned by Swami Ramand…

Here is the link to this song…

Talking about the second song from Tadbeer(1945), the song is ‘Banke Nainon Se Karke Ishaare’ rendered by Naseem Akhtar. Here too Lal Mohammed has used his high influence on heavy orchestration and nicely used the violins to balance the song properly. This is a very rarely heard song which enters the soul immediatedly as soon as we hear the song. Hats off to Lal Mohammed….

Here is the link for this song…

Another gem from the same movie, this time rendered by the genius KL Saigal. ‘Divine’ and ‘Intoxicating’ are the only 2 words i can use here. How beautifully Lal Mohammed has composed this song, this time he has used light orchestration. Melody cannot be better than this. Enjoy this rare song…

The fourth song from the same movie is a Suraiya solo. Here too Lal Mohammed has used heavy orchestration and Suraiya has wonderfully rendered the song in high octaves in the antras. Apart from violins, the light dholaks played in the antras takes this song to a different level.

‘Jaag Ae Sonewale, Koi Jagane Aaya’.

Here is the link for this song.

This movie had some other beauties like Janam Janam Ke Dukhiya (KL Saigal), Rani Khol De Apne Dwar (KL Saigal, Suraiya), Mein Kismat Ka Maara (Kl Saigal) and Janam Janam Ka Dukhiya (KL Saigal)

The next year saw the release of ‘Omar Khayyam’ in 1946. This movie too had some of the best songs delivered by the genius combination of Lal Mohammed and Kl Saigal.

Lets talk about 2 songs from this movie..

The first song is ‘Allah Hoon Umar Khayyam Hoon’. A gem of a song rendered by Kl Saigal with chorus. These songs are rarely heard these days, but those days such songs were very popular and also frequently played in ‘Bhoole Bisre Geet’ in SLBC. We can just go on listening these songs endlessly.

Enjoy this rare gem.

Here is another gem from Omar Khayyam(1946) rendered by KL Saigal. The humming by the chorus and light violins played in the antras makes this song simply unforgettable and matchless. A great evergreen composition by Lal Mohammed Saheb…

‘Hare Bhare Bhaag Ke Gaanv’.


The next movie was ‘Sohni Mahiwal’ released in 1946. This movie had 11 songs.

Here are four songs  from this movie. There is a Lal Mohammed ‘stamp’ in each of these songs. Only he could have composed these songs..This movie had songs rendered by Zohrabai, GM Durrani and Naseem Akhtar

The first song is ‘Chalo Pyari Sakhi’ rendered by GM Durrani and Zohrabai.

Here is another GM Durrani-Zohrabai duet from Sohni Mahiwal(1946). Both of them have done full justice to this brilliant composition by Lal Mohammed and rendered it fabulously. Penned by Munshi Dil. The ending part is really haunting.

‘O Tujh Pe Salam Ae Mere Nakaam-Ae-Mohabbat’.

The third song is ‘Mujhe Lut Liya Re’ rendered by Naseem Akhtar. The orchestration is simply out of the world. The first 55 seconds prelude is haunting. The violin pieces played accompanied by light piano. Excellent composition by Lal Mohammed and penned by Swami Ramanand.

Here is the song-

The fourth song is rendered by GM Durrani with Reva Shankar. Nicely composed by Lal Mohammed and penned by Swami Ramamand. Enjoy this song.

‘Dekh Surat Tumhari’


The fourth and last movie for which Lal Mohammed composed music was ‘Mitti(1947)’ with Piganker. This movie had some fantastic songs rendered by Khursheed. Here is one such song from this movie by Khursheed.

Lal Mohammed has composed this song amazingly.

‘Thokrein Khayen Mohabbat Mein Pareshan’.


Though he composed music for only 4 movies, but his songs will always be remembered and will stay in our heart for years to come. He deserved much more from our film industry. Hats off to this genius composer ‘LAL MOHAMMED’ who will always remain one of the GREATEST EVER.

  1. Vinod Kapoor said:

    How could any one think of Lal Mohammad….He was a regular artist with AIR, Lahore in the 1940s and respected for his music. He was quite untalked about artist. Nice listening his music Thanks.

  2. Nikhil I have always appreciated your posts & comments and am amazed at the knowledge you have amassed at such a young age (I am 65 and am still searching). This Lal Mommad revelation takes you to the VIRTUOSO Class. Tussi Gr8 Ho !

  3. Pashambay Baloch said:

    Nikil please correct Pt. Ghulam Haider to Master Ghulam Haider. I remember two songs of film Sohni Mahenwal (1946) – Teri Sohni pukar kare and Anaron ke bagh main. My mamu told me these were very popular in those days and street songs of Karachi.

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  5. munawar said:

    if we provide you songs list , will you load songs

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