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Manmohan Krishna sings for OP Nayyar-

Actor/ Singer Manmohan Krishna sang 2 non-filmy songs for OP Nayyar..

Manmohan Krishna was a great singer. He sang many songs in HFM.
This actor had sung two non-filmy songs too for OP Nayyar in Lahore HMV in the
late 40’s.Both these songs were written by Saroj Mohini Nayyar.

The first song is “Bujhe Diye Hua Andhera”..

Here is the link from my collection–

The second song is ‘Diya Tho Jala Sab Raat Re Balam”..

The special feature about this song was the song was re-sung by CH Atma
later and was used in the movie Dhake Ki Malmal(1956)…

Enjoy the Manmohan Krishna version–