saathi haath


My analysis on Saathi Haath Badhana from Naya Daur(1957)
A song that deserves maximum likes is this song from Naya Daur(1957) that is Saathi Haath Badhana.
The song is very touching and moves us substantially across the surroundings.
OP Nayyar has composed few patriotic songs, but the songs which he has composed are the best ones.
Sahir Saheb has given us the message that We need to stand united whenever we are facing any problem and we need to find the way by ourselves to resolve these conflicts or problems.
We should stand by our own legs and find a solution to it to save our motherland.
God has provided us various means to solve these problems. This song defines the proverb
‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.
Its difficult for a single person to work in a place where he needs many people to help him.
In such a cirumstances, Many people should help him so that the problem can be solved in an easier way. That is what Sahir Saheb has revealed in this line..
“Saathi Haath Badhna,
 Ek Akela Thak Jaayega,
 Milkar Bhoj Uthana.”
In the whole song, OP Nayyar has used the violins which is a symbol of hope for the common man.
By using the violins, We have been given the message that we should never lose hope in any situation.
Life is full of hope and faith. We need to keep faith in our colleges and trust them so that We always stand united to find a way to the solution. Our mind should have a will so that it will be easier for us to find a way for it.
The Javans and the soldiers who are sacrificing their lives for the country are the best examples to learn from. Thousands of soldiers have sacrificed their life by fighting for the country.
If the people stand united, It is not difficult to climb the moutains and the rooftop.
Hardwork and passion are the two key things that a person needs to have. If he has these two things,
its not difficult for him to solve any solution. If we work hard towards our problem and
we stand united, then nothing can be impossible.
This is what Sahir Saheb has revelead in the 1st antra-
“Hum Mehnatwalon Ne Jab Bhi,
 Milkar Kadam Badhaya,
 Sagar Ne Raasta Choda,
 Parbat Ne Seesh Jhukaya,
 Fauladi Hai Seene Apne,
 Fauladi Hai Baahein,
 Hum Chahe Tho Paida Karde,
 Chatton Mein Rahein”
People should never lose hope. Hope is very important in life. If we hope for better, then the easier the situation becomes for us.
For example, In Cricket its the team work that always matters. If the entire team has played well, Then success  will automatically knock our doors.
This is what Sahir Saheb has told us that we should always hope for better in life.
In a team-work, there can be difference of opinion between many of us. But, this difference of opinion should not lead to a conflict like situation between the team members. If this happens, then third person can take advantage  of this and win over us. We should find a solution to this difference of opinion in our own way by discussing the matter softly with an  open eye. Fear and scare can also lead person to lose hope in life. One should never look back and fear in life, he should always keep his mind strong and come out hard in life. Happiness and Sadness are part and parcel of life. Because of that, We should not be too much overwhelmed or lose our hope.
Instead, We should be more enthusiastic towards our goal and work hard in any situation.
This is what Sahir Saheb has revealed in the next antra:-
“Mehanat Apni Lekh Ki Rekha,
 Mehanat Se Kya Darna,
 Kal Gairon Ki Khatir Ki,
 Aaj Apni Khatir Karna,
 Apna Sukh Bhi Ek Hai Sathi,
 Apna Dukh Bhi Ek,
 Apni Manzil Sach Ki Manzil,
 Apna Rasta Ek”
Another important thing in life is truth and honesty. We should always be honest toward ourselves and towards the team when we are analysing or doing a work. If we are not honest, We are making a fool of ourselves. Never play a prank in your work. One should be perfect in the work. We should always help each other in the team. This is what Dilip Kumar has done here. If a person needs your help badly in the team, We should be ready to help him under any circumstances or teach him how to do the work.
By building small ways or a small pathway, We should start the life. Our aim should always be big, but one thing a person should never forget in life that the bigger aim will be achieved by him if we start the work by doing a smaller thing..People have made so many roads, bridges and sea-link. A person cannot directly do it. For doing that, It has taken him years and years. This is what we should aim in life. Dream for a bigger thing, but to fulfill that dream, start with the smaller thing and then aim for the larger. We must always boost our morale for doing this work.
This is what Sahir Saheb has told us in the following antra:-
“Ek Se Ek Mile Tho Katra Ban Jaata Hai Dariya,
 Ek Se Ek Mile Tho Zarra Ban Jata Hai Sehra,
 Ek Se Ek Mile Tho Rahi Ban Sakti Hai Parbat,
 Ek Se Ek Mile Tho Insaan Bas Mein Kar Le Kismat”
This hardwork helps us to change our fortunes in life. We make our own fortunes.
If we have the desire to achieve the goal, no-one can change our fortune. We should find a way to change our fortune.
Another important thing we should remember money cannot buy everything. We can buy gold or silver with money but a person’s hardwork can never be brought with Money. It takes few seconds to break a thing, but it takes years and years to build that thing. We have worked hard to achieve everything in life, but We don’t have the right to break that thing. Its only in the hands of God to break it.
Money can never buy us. Its we who should buy money, Money can never buy hardwork, but hardwork can certainly buy money. If we work hard, We earn. For earning in life, We need to work
hard. A person who works harder in life, success surely comes in his way.
This is what Sahir Saheb has revealed in the following antra-
“Maati Ke Hum Lal Nikale,
 Moti Laaye Jalke,
 Jo Kuch Is Duniya Mein Bana Hai,
 Bana Hamare Bal Se,
 Kab Tak Mehnet Ke Pairo Mein,
 Daulat Ke Zanjeeren,
 Haath Badhakar Cheen Lo Apne,
 Sapnon Ke Taakerin”.
One more important thing in life is time because time and tide waits for no man.
While doing a work, We should manage time properly. Make a daily time-table in life.
If have not completed a work, We should continue with it until we complete the work.
This antra of Saathi Haath Badhana was edited out from Naya Daur. It starts with Saathi Jaagte Rehna.
People who had seen the movie at that time told me that this version was picturized in the late night
and the all the villagers sang this song together during the night time so that
They can continue with their work even in the night time.
This is the lyrics for this version-
“Saathi Jaagte Rehna,
 Saathi Jaagte Rehna Saathi Re”
 Ek Tho Dushman Gaath Mein Baithe,
 Dujhe Raat Andheri,
 Kaafile Jaan Ke Koi Loot Na Le,
 Mehanat Teri Meri”.
This song teaches all the politicians in this world to stay united while taking the decisions
for the country. If they stand united, It will help people in many ways.
From my point of view, this is the best patriotic song i have ever come across.
All the people in the world can learn many things from this song on how to achieve success
in life and fulfill your desired goals.
Sahir Saheb has taught us many important values in life through this song to achieve success like
Team-Work, Truth, Honesty, unity, time, faith and hardwork.
With the help of these qualities, We can easily achieve success in life.
Rafi and Asha have sung the song in a beautiful way. The song begins with the wonderful alaaps by
Rafi and Asha that are soothing for the ears to listen and it boosts our morale.
Rafi has sung the high notes excellently in the antras emphasizing us to work hard in life, never lose hope and fight till the end.
The chorus singers have also played a supportive role in this song and the way they have
sung the alaaps is worth listening again and again.
OP Nayyar has wonderfully built the composition. The orchestration is the best
in this song. He has used the violins brilliantly for the song. One of the best song ever.
Sahir Saheb’s lyrics is beyond words.
This song has taught me too many things in life and it has been my childhood favorite,
I have been listening this song right from my childhood and during my exam times, I always listen
this song and it has been a prime reason for the success in my life. It has always made me more enthusiastic and helped me find a solution to my problems.
I can just say hats off to all the persons who were involved in composing this pure melody
and gifting us this wonderful jewel which we need to cherish and preserve for decades.
Saathi Jaagte Rehna (Another rare version)

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