OP Nayyar was not interested much in studies in his childhood. He always had the desire to become an actor. But, at the same time he was also very eager in music. During his school days, he often used to go to see shootings of many punjabi movies during his stay at Lahore.

Co-incidently, He got a chance to play a small role in a Pumjabi Movie Dulla Batti released in 1941 and he was also part of the chorus of a song “In Di Jano Vicho” The song was composed by Pt Gobindram.

Apart from this, he was a regular part of Lahore radio recordings and used to conduct his own programs at Lahore recording studio.

In the year 1946 at the age of 20, OP Nayyar approached HMV and recorded two Kabir Dohas and he also composed both these songs..

Both the Kabir Dohas are very rare.

Here are both the Kabir Dohas. His voice speaks in both these songs.

1) Chaltee Chakke Dekh Ke Diya Kabeera Roye


2) Kabeera Rasse Paanv Mein




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