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My analysis on Saathi Haath Badhana from Naya Daur(1957)
A song that deserves maximum likes is this song from Naya Daur(1957) that is Saathi Haath Badhana.
The song is very touching and moves us substantially across the surroundings.
OP Nayyar has composed few patriotic songs, but the songs which he has composed are the best ones.
Sahir Saheb has given us the message that We need to stand united whenever we are facing any problem and we need to find the way by ourselves to resolve these conflicts or problems.
We should stand by our own legs and find a solution to it to save our motherland.
God has provided us various means to solve these problems. This song defines the proverb
'United We Stand, Divided We Fall".
Its difficult for a single person to work in a place where he needs many people to help him.
In such a cirumstances, Many people should help him so that the problem can be solved in an easier way. That is what Sahir Saheb has revealed in this line..
"Saathi Haath Badhna,
 Ek Akela Thak Jaayega,
 Milkar Bhoj Uthana."
In the whole song, OP Nayyar has used the violins which is a symbol of hope for the common man.
By using the violins, We have been given the message that we should never lose hope in any situation.
Life is full of hope and faith. We need to keep faith in our colleges and trust them so that We always stand united to find a way to the solution. Our mind should have a will so that it will be easier for us to find a way for it.
The Javans and the soldiers who are sacrificing their lives for the country are the best examples to learn from. Thousands of soldiers have sacrificed their life by fighting for the country.
If the people stand united, It is not difficult to climb the moutains and the rooftop.
Hardwork and passion are the two key things that a person needs to have. If he has these two things,
its not difficult for him to solve any solution. If we work hard towards our problem and
we stand united, then nothing can be impossible.
This is what Sahir Saheb has revelead in the 1st antra-
"Hum Mehnatwalon Ne Jab Bhi,
 Milkar Kadam Badhaya,
 Sagar Ne Raasta Choda,
 Parbat Ne Seesh Jhukaya,
 Fauladi Hai Seene Apne,
 Fauladi Hai Baahein,
 Hum Chahe Tho Paida Karde,
 Chatton Mein Rahein"
People should never lose hope. Hope is very important in life. If we hope for better, then the easier the situation becomes for us.
For example, In Cricket its the team work that always matters. If the entire team has played well, Then success  will automatically knock our doors.
This is what Sahir Saheb has told us that we should always hope for better in life.
In a team-work, there can be difference of opinion between many of us. But, this difference of opinion should not lead to a conflict like situation between the team members. If this happens, then third person can take advantage  of this and win over us. We should find a solution to this difference of opinion in our own way by discussing the matter softly with an  open eye. Fear and scare can also lead person to lose hope in life. One should never look back and fear in life, he should always keep his mind strong and come out hard in life. Happiness and Sadness are part and parcel of life. Because of that, We should not be too much overwhelmed or lose our hope.
Instead, We should be more enthusiastic towards our goal and work hard in any situation.
This is what Sahir Saheb has revealed in the next antra:-
"Mehanat Apni Lekh Ki Rekha,
 Mehanat Se Kya Darna,
 Kal Gairon Ki Khatir Ki,
 Aaj Apni Khatir Karna,
 Apna Sukh Bhi Ek Hai Sathi,
 Apna Dukh Bhi Ek,
 Apni Manzil Sach Ki Manzil,
 Apna Rasta Ek"
Another important thing in life is truth and honesty. We should always be honest toward ourselves and towards the team when we are analysing or doing a work. If we are not honest, We are making a fool of ourselves. Never play a prank in your work. One should be perfect in the work. We should always help each other in the team. This is what Dilip Kumar has done here. If a person needs your help badly in the team, We should be ready to help him under any circumstances or teach him how to do the work.
By building small ways or a small pathway, We should start the life. Our aim should always be big, but one thing a person should never forget in life that the bigger aim will be achieved by him if we start the work by doing a smaller thing..People have made so many roads, bridges and sea-link. A person cannot directly do it. For doing that, It has taken him years and years. This is what we should aim in life. Dream for a bigger thing, but to fulfill that dream, start with the smaller thing and then aim for the larger. We must always boost our morale for doing this work.
This is what Sahir Saheb has told us in the following antra:-
"Ek Se Ek Mile Tho Katra Ban Jaata Hai Dariya,
 Ek Se Ek Mile Tho Zarra Ban Jata Hai Sehra,
 Ek Se Ek Mile Tho Rahi Ban Sakti Hai Parbat,
 Ek Se Ek Mile Tho Insaan Bas Mein Kar Le Kismat"
This hardwork helps us to change our fortunes in life. We make our own fortunes.
If we have the desire to achieve the goal, no-one can change our fortune. We should find a way to change our fortune.
Another important thing we should remember money cannot buy everything. We can buy gold or silver with money but a person's hardwork can never be brought with Money. It takes few seconds to break a thing, but it takes years and years to build that thing. We have worked hard to achieve everything in life, but We don't have the right to break that thing. Its only in the hands of God to break it.
Money can never buy us. Its we who should buy money, Money can never buy hardwork, but hardwork can certainly buy money. If we work hard, We earn. For earning in life, We need to work
hard. A person who works harder in life, success surely comes in his way.
This is what Sahir Saheb has revealed in the following antra-
"Maati Ke Hum Lal Nikale,
 Moti Laaye Jalke,
 Jo Kuch Is Duniya Mein Bana Hai,
 Bana Hamare Bal Se,
 Kab Tak Mehnet Ke Pairo Mein,
 Daulat Ke Zanjeeren,
 Haath Badhakar Cheen Lo Apne,
 Sapnon Ke Taakerin".
One more important thing in life is time because time and tide waits for no man.
While doing a work, We should manage time properly. Make a daily time-table in life.
If have not completed a work, We should continue with it until we complete the work.
This antra of Saathi Haath Badhana was edited out from Naya Daur. It starts with Saathi Jaagte Rehna.
People who had seen the movie at that time told me that this version was picturized in the late night
and the all the villagers sang this song together during the night time so that
They can continue with their work even in the night time.
This is the lyrics for this version-
"Saathi Jaagte Rehna,
 Saathi Jaagte Rehna Saathi Re"
 Ek Tho Dushman Gaath Mein Baithe,
 Dujhe Raat Andheri,
 Kaafile Jaan Ke Koi Loot Na Le,
 Mehanat Teri Meri".
This song teaches all the politicians in this world to stay united while taking the decisions
for the country. If they stand united, It will help people in many ways.
From my point of view, this is the best patriotic song i have ever come across.
All the people in the world can learn many things from this song on how to achieve success
in life and fulfill your desired goals.
Sahir Saheb has taught us many important values in life through this song to achieve success like
Team-Work, Truth, Honesty, unity, time, faith and hardwork.
With the help of these qualities, We can easily achieve success in life.
Rafi and Asha have sung the song in a beautiful way. The song begins with the wonderful alaaps by
Rafi and Asha that are soothing for the ears to listen and it boosts our morale.
Rafi has sung the high notes excellently in the antras emphasizing us to work hard in life, never lose hope and fight till the end.
The chorus singers have also played a supportive role in this song and the way they have
sung the alaaps is worth listening again and again.
OP Nayyar has wonderfully built the composition. The orchestration is the best
in this song. He has used the violins brilliantly for the song. One of the best song ever.
Sahir Saheb's lyrics is beyond words.
This song has taught me too many things in life and it has been my childhood favorite,
I have been listening this song right from my childhood and during my exam times, I always listen
this song and it has been a prime reason for the success in my life. It has always made me more enthusiastic and helped me find a solution to my problems.
I can just say hats off to all the persons who were involved in composing this pure melody
and gifting us this wonderful jewel which we need to cherish and preserve for decades.
Saathi Jaagte Rehna (Another rare version)

OP Nayyar was not interested much in studies in his childhood. He always had the desire to become an actor. But, at the same time he was also very eager in music. During his school days, he often used to go to see shootings of many punjabi movies during his stay at Lahore.

Co-incidently, He got a chance to play a small role in a Pumjabi Movie Dulla Batti released in 1941 and he was also part of the chorus of a song “In Di Jano Vicho” The song was composed by Pt Gobindram.

Apart from this, he was a regular part of Lahore radio recordings and used to conduct his own programs at Lahore recording studio.

In the year 1946 at the age of 20, OP Nayyar approached HMV and recorded two Kabir Dohas and he also composed both these songs..

Both the Kabir Dohas are very rare.

Here are both the Kabir Dohas. His voice speaks in both these songs.

1) Chaltee Chakke Dekh Ke Diya Kabeera Roye

2) Kabeera Rasse Paanv Mein




This is the list of songs written by Shailendra.



1) Barsaat Mein Hum Tho Mile Tum Sajan (Lata, chorus)
2) Patli Kamar Hai Tirchi Nazar Hai (Mukesh, Lata)


1) Aawara Hoon Ya Garish (Mukesh)
2) Dam Bhar Jo Udhar Muh  (Mukesh, Lata)
3) Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi(Part 1) (Lata, chorus)
4) Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi(Part 2) (Lata, chorus)
5) Naiya Teri Majdhar (Rafi, chorus)
6) Tere Bina Aag Ye Chandni (Lata, Manna Dey, chorus)
7) Ek Do Teen Aaja Mausam Hai Rangeen (Shamshad Begum, chorus)
8) Pavitra Sitami Ko Tune Diya Banwas (Rafi, Lata, chorus)
9) Tehar Zara O Jaanewale (it was used as a small clip in Aawara) (chorus)


1) Aaj Mane Na Mora Jiya (Lata, chorus)
2) Unse Pyaar Ho Gaya (Lata)
3) Ae Dil Na Mujhse Chupa (Mukesh, Lata)
4) Do Din Ke Liye Mehmaan Yahan (Lata)
5) Anmol Pyaar Bin Mol Bike (Lata)

Kali Ghata(1951):-

1) Illa Belle..Din Hai Pyare Pyare (Lata)


1) Ae Mere Dil Kahin Aur Chal (Talat) (Fast version)
2) Ae Mere Dil Kahin Aur Chal (Talat) (Slow version)
3) Ae Mere Dil Kahin Aur Chal (Lata)
4) Dekho Aaya Yeh Kaisa Zamana (Lata, chorus)
5) Laage Jab Se Nain Laage (Lata)
6) Preet Yeh Kaisi Bol Ri Duniya (Lata)


1) Meethi Meethi Baton Se Boli (Lata)
2) Kya Baton Mohabbat Hai Kya (Rafi, Lata, Geeta)
3) Aayo Aayo__Bereham Maar Dale Ga (Lata, chorus)


1) Din Suhane Yeh Mausam Bahar Ka (Lata)
2) Do Din Ki Zindagi Mein Dukhade (Lata)
3) O Bhole Balma O More Saajana (Lata)
4) Jhumak-Jhumak Chal Mere Haathi (Lata, chorus)

Nagina (1952):-

1) Ek Sitara Hai Aakash Mein (CH Atma)
2) Humse Koi Pyar Karo Ji (Rafi, Lata, chorus)
3) O O My Dear Aao Near (Rafi, Shamshad Begum)
4) Roun Mein Sagar Ke Kinare (CH Atma)
5) Toone Haye Mere Zakhme Jigar Ko (Lata)


1) Choti Si Yeh Zindagani (Mukesh)
2) Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat (Lata)
3) Yeh Shaam Ki Tanhaiyan (Lata)
4) Jo Mein Jaanti Unke Liye (Lata) (Happy)
5) Jo Mein Jaanti Unke Liye (Lata) (Sad)


1) Chahe Naina Churao Chahe Daman (Talat, Lata)
2) Humpe Daya Rakhna Hey Daata (Lata)
3) Itna Pyaar Karega Kaun (Lata)
4) Dekho Ji Dekho Ek Baar Is Taraf (Mukesh, Lata)
5) Mein Hoon Tere Sapnon Ki Rani (Lata, chorus)

Boot Polish(1953):-

1) Nanhe Munne Bacche Teri Mutti Mein (Rafi, Asha, chorus)
2) Tehar Zara O Jaanewale (Manna Dey, Asha, Madhubala Zaveri)
3) Chali Kaun Si Desh Gujariya (Talat Mahmood, Asha Bhosle)
4) Tumhare Hain Tumse Daya Maangte Hain (Rafi, Asha, chorus)

Mayur Pankh (1953):-

1) Mein Tho Chali Paschim Poorab Chale Duniya(Lata)
2) Tandana Tandana Mushkil Hai Pyaar Chupana (Lata, chorus)
3) Ye Barkha Bahar Sautaniya Ke Dwar (Lata, Asha)

Patita (1953):-

1) Kisi Ne Apna Banake Mujhko Muskurana(Lata)
2) Andhe Jahan Ke Andhe Raaste (Talat)
3) Tujhe Apne Paas Bulati Hai Teri Duniya (Talat)
4) Hai Sabse Madhur Vo Geet (Talat)
5) Raghupati Raghav_Mitti Se Khelte Ho Baar Baar (Hemant Kumar, Lata)

Shikast (1953):-

1) Hum Kathputhli Kaath Ke (Hemant Kumar)
2) Kare Badra Tu Na Ja Na Ja (Lata)
3) Nayi Zindagi Se Pyaar Kar Le (Rafi, Lata,  chorus) (Part 1)
4) Nayi Zindagi Se Pyaar Kar Le (Lata, chorus) (Part 2)
5) Sapnon Ki Suhani Duniya Ko (Talat)
6) Bujh Gaye Asha Ke Diye (Lata)
7) Jab Jab Phool Khile (Talat, Lata)
8) Gham Mein Jal Raha Hai (Rafi)
9) O Ghan Sanware (Lata)

Badshah (1953):-

1) Gul Muskura Utha Bulbul Ye Gaa Utha (Lata, chorus)
2) Rulakar Chal Diye Ek Din (Hemant Kumar)

Naya Ghar (1953):-

1) Ja Ja Ja Re Ja Re Ja (Lata)
2) Choom Chanaan Choom Choom (Lata)
3) Unhein Tu Bhool Ja Aye Dil (Talat)
4) Jawan Hai Jahan Jhoom Uthi Har Nazar (Lata)

Aurat (1953):-

1) Dard-E-Jigar Tehar Zara (Lata)
2) Dard-E-Ulfat Chupaon Kahan (Lata)
3) Ye Duniya Banai Hai (Lata)

Pooja (1954):-

1) Chal Chal Re Musafir Chal (Rafi)
2) Mori Bipada Aan Haro (Lata)
3) Mein Muralidhar Ki Murali (Lata)
4) Rhoomjhoom Ke Bajao Bansuri Murari (Rafi, Krishnarao Chonkar)
5) Jo ek Baar Kehdo (Rafi) (Happy)
6) Jo Ek Baar Kehdo (Rafi) (Sad)
7) Holi Aayi Pyari Pyari (Rafi, Lata, chorus) (Part 1)
8) Holi Aayi Pyari Pyari (Rafi, Lata, chorus) (Part 2)


1) Tu Pyaar Ka Sagar Hai (Manna Dey, chorus)
2) Man Mohana Bade Jhoote (Lata)
3) Kahan Ja Raha Hai Tu Ae Jaanewale (Rafi)

Shree 420(1955):-

1) Pyar Hua Ikraar Hua Hai (Manna Dey, Lata)
2) Dil Ka Haal Sune Dilwala (Manna Dey)
3) Ramaiya Vastavaiya Maine Dil Tujhko Diya (Rafi, Lata, Mukesh, chorus)
4) Mera Jhoota Hai Japani (Mukesh, chorus) (Part 1)
5) Mera Jhoota Hai Japani (Mukesh, Lata, chorus) (Part 2)
6) Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh (Manna Dey, Asha, chorus) (Part 1)
7) Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh (Asha, chorus) (Part 2)
8) Shaam Gayi Raat Gayi (Lata)

Basant Bahar(1956):-

1) Badi Der Bhai  (Rafi)
2) Nain Mile Chain Kahan (Manna Dey, Lata)
3) Kar Gaya Re Kar Gaya Re (Lata, Asha)
4) Sur Na Saje Kya Gaoon Mein (Manna Dey)
5) Bhay Bhanjana Vandana Sun Hamari (Manna Dey)
6) Ketaki Gulaab Juhi Champak Ban Phoole (Manna Dey, Bhimshen Joshi)
7) Duniya Na Bhaye Mohe (Rafi)
8) Ja Ja Ja Re Balamva (Lata)

Chori Chori (1956):-

1) Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi (Manna Dey, Lata)
2) Sava Lakh Ki Lottery (Rafi, Lata)
3) Jahan Mein Jaati Hoon (Manna Dey, Lata)
4) Manbhavan Ke Ghar Jaaye Gori (Lata, Asha)


1) Aaja Ke Intezaar Mein (Rafi, Lata)
2) Aji Chale Aao Aji Chale Aao (Lata, Asha)
3) Dil Ka Na Karna Aitbaar Koi (Rafi, Lata)
4) Ye Chand Yeh Sitare (Lata)
5) Teri Duniya Se Jaati Hai (Lata)

Kismat Ka Khel (1956):-

1) Kismat Ka Khel Hai Janabeali (Lata)
2) Arz Hai Aapse_Balam Aayega (Lata)
3) Na Bure Na Bhale Hum Gareeb (Lata, chorus)
4) Tu Maane Ya Na Maane (Lata, chorus)
5) Chalo Le Chalu Mein Taaron Mein (Asha)

New Delhi (1956):-

1) Arre Bhai Nikal Ke Aa Ghar Se (Kishore Kumar)
2) Nakrewali Dekhne Mein Dekh Lo (Kishore)
3) Zindagi Bahar Hai Mohabbat Ki Bahar (Lata)
4) Baari Barssi Khattan Gaya (Lata, chorus)
5) Tum Sang Preet Lagayi Rasiya (Lata, chorus)
6) Milte Hi Nazar Aap Mere Dil (Kishore)
7) Gori Tere Sapno Ke Sajna (Lata, chorus)


1) Arre Koi Jao Ri Piya Ko Bulao (Lata, Usha, Meena, chorus)
2) Chandrama Madhbhara Kyon Jhoome (Lata)
3) Dulhan Gori Ghunghat Mein Muskaaye(chorus)
4) Kabhi Tho Aa Sapnon Mein Aa (Lata)
5) Na Jaane Tum Kaun Meri (Lata)
6) O Balma Tum Bedardi (Lata)
7) Oonche Mahal Mein Rehne Waale(Lata)
8) Pawan Ganga Sir Par Soohe (Lata)
9) Raaja Pyaare Mat Karo Pyar (Lata, Usha, chorus)
10) Rang Rangile Bagiya Baandhe (Lata)


1) Chale Sipaahi Dhool Udaate (Manna Dey, chorus)
2) Kahaan Se Milte Moti (Lata)
3) Mere Sapne Mein Aana Re (Lata)
4) Naache Ang Ang Ang Tere Aage (Lata, chorus)
5) Pyare Babul Se Bichad Ke (Lata, chorus)
6) Aa Gayee Lo Aa Gayi Main Jhoomti (Lata)
7) Aa Ja Aa Ja Nadiya Kinare (Lata, chorus)

Begunah (1957)

1) Aaja Raat Beeti Jaaye (Kishore, Usha Mangeshkar, chorus)
2) Aye Pyare Dil Bezubaan (Mukesh)
3) Nazar Kahe Aaja Jigar (Lata, chorus)

Kathputli (1957):-

1) Manzil Vahi Hai Pyaar Ki (Subir Sen)
2) Bol Re Kathputli (Lata) (Happy Version)
3) Bol Re Kathputli (Lata) (Sad Version)
4) Itne Bade Jahan Mein (Lata, chorus)
5) Mini Mini Chi Chi__Duniya Mein (Mukesh, Lata)

6) Haye Tu Hi Gaya Mohe Bhool Re (Lata)

Baghi Sipahi (1958):-

1) Aye Dilbar Dilwale (Lata)
2) Chinchan Pappulu (Manna Dey, Asha, chorus)
3) Maan Bhi Le Dil Tu Apni Ye (Lata)
4) O Bereham Tere Sitam (Manna Dey, Lata, chorus)
5) Sama Yeh Pyaar Ka (Manna Dey, Asha)


1) Ye Duniya Haye Hamari Ye Duniya (Rafi, chorus)

2)  Ye Mera Deewanapan Hai (Mukesh)

3) Dil Mein Pyar Ka Toofan (Lata)

4) Aate Jaate Pehloo Mein (Lata, chorus)

5) Meri Jaan Meri Jaan (Lata, chorus)

6) Bechain Dil Khoyi Si Nazar (Geeta, Lata)

Anari (1959)

1) Dil Ki Nazar Se (Mukesh, Lata)
2) Tera Jana Dil Ke (Lata)
3) Kisi Ki Muskurahato Pe (Mukesh)
4) Sab Kuch Seekha Humne (Mukesh)
5) Nineteen Fifty Six (Lata, Manna Dey, chorus)

Choti Bahen(1959):-


Kanhaiya (1959):-

1) Yaad Aayi Aadhi Raat Ko (Mukesh)
2) Saawan Aawan Keh Gaye (Lata)
3) Ruk Ja O Jaanewali (Mukesh)
4) Mere Saanwale Salone Piya (Lata)
5) Ni Baliye Rut Hai Bahar (Mukesh, Lata)
6) Mujhe Tumse Kuch Bhi Na Chahiye (Mukesh)

Love Marriage (1959):-

1) Kahen Jhum Jhum Raat Ye Suhani (Lata)
2) Dil Se Dil Takraye (Rafi, Geeta Dutt, chorus)
3) Kahan Ja Rahe The (Rafi)
4) Kareeb Aao Na Tadpao (Geeta Dutt)
5) Teen Kanestar Preet Preet Kar (Rafi)

Shararat (1959):-

1) Ajab Hai Dastan Teri (Rafi) (Part 1)
2) Ajab Hai Dastan Teri (Rafi) (Part 2)
3) Luska Luska Lui Lui (Rafi, Lata)
4) Teer Teer O Bepeer (Lata)
5) Khol De Khol De Khidki (Kishore)

Ujala (1959):-

1) Duniyawalon Se Door (Mukesh, Lata)
2) Suraj Zara Aa Paas (Manna Dey, chorus)
3) Yaron Soorat Hamari Pe (Mukesh, Rafi)
4) Ab Kahan Jaaye Hum (Manna Dey)
5) Chum Chum Chum Lo (Manna Dey, Lata)

Main Nashe Mein Hoon(1959):-

1) Mujhko Yaaron Maaf Karna (Mukesh)
2) Nazar Nazar Se Ho Rahi (Mukesh, Lata)
3) Gair Ki Gali Mein Piya (Asha)
4) Maine To Nahi Pee (Lata)

Junglee (1961):-

1) Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee (Rafi)
2) Ja Ja Ja Mere Bachpan (Lata)
3) Ai Ai Ya Karu Mein Kya Suku Suku (Rafi, Shankar)

Jab Pyar Kissie Hota Hai(1961):-

1) Nazar Mere Dil Ke Paar (Lata)
2) Bin Dekhe Aur Bin Pehchane (Rafi)

Aas Ka Panchi (1961):-

1) Dheere Chalo Zara (Subir Sen, Lata)
2) Apni Bhi Kya Zindagi Hai (Mukesh)
3) Haye Meri Ulji Nazar (Lata)
4) Aye Dil Pyar Ki Manzil (Mukesh)

Singapore (1960):-

1) Yeh Shehar Bada Albela (Mukesh, chorus)
2) Hat Jao Deewane (Rafi, Lata, chorus)
3) Aane Laga Jeene Ka Maza (Lata)
4) Dhokha Kaayegi Na Yaaron (Rafi)

Sasural (1961):-

1) Sunle Meri Paayal (Lata)
2) Yeh Albela Taur Na (Rafi)
3) Sata Le Aye Jahan (Mukesh)
4) Ek Sawal Mein Karoon (Rafi, Lata)
5) Kya Mil Gaya (Rafi, Lata)

Boy Friend (1961):-

1) Aise Na Jao Jaaneman (Subir Sen)
2) Aise Na Jao Jaaneman (Lata)
3) Kyon ji Mujhe Pehchaana (Rafi)

Aashiq (1961):-

1) Mein Aashiq Hoon Baharon (Mukesh)
2) Yeh Tho Kaho Kaun (Mukesh, chorus)
3) Mehtab Tera Chehra (Mukesh, Lata)
4) O Shama Mujhe Phoonk (Mukesh, Lata)
5) Jhanan Jhan jhnaa Ke Apni (Lata)
6) Tum Jo Hamare Meet (Mukesh)

Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja(1961):-

1) Aaja Re Aaja Nain (Subir Sen, Asha, chorus)
2) Tum Tho Dil Ke Taar Ched Kar (Talat)
3) Jao Na Satao Rasiya (Asha)
4) Kahan Jaate Hain Wohi (Mahendra Kapoor, Lata, chorus)
5) Tum Tho Dil Ke Taar Ched Kar (Lata)
6) Asi Hi Hai Agar Marzi (Lata)


1) Aap Hue Mere Balam (Manna Dey, Lata, chorus)
2) Dekhnewalo Tham Lo (Kishore Kumar, chorus)
3) O Ladke Badhte Badhte (Kishore, Lata)
4) Pehle Murgi Hui Thi (Manna Dey)
5) O Sajna Na Pooch Mujhse (Lata)
6) O Meri Maina Sun Mera Kehna (Rafi, Kishore)

Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai (1960):-

1) Dil Apna Aur Preet (Lata)
2) Jaane Kahan Gayi (Rafi)
3) Andaz Mera Mastana (Lata, chorus)
4) Ajeeb Dastan Hai Ye (Lata, chorus)
5) Mera Dil Ab Tera O Sajana (Lata, chorus)

Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai (1960):-

1) Aa Ab Laut Chale (Mukesh, Lata, chorus)
2) Mera Naam Raju Gharana (Mukesh)
3) Begaani Shaadi Mein Abdullah (Mukesh, Lata)
4) Hai Aag Hamare Seene__Hum Bhi Hai (Lata, Geeta, Mukesh, Manna, Mahendra Kapoor, chorus)
5) Hothon Pe Sachchai Rahti Hai (Mukesh)
6) Hum Kal Kya The (Mukesh, chorus)
7) Ko Jisse Mila Seekha Humne (Mukesh, chorus)
8) Kya Hua Ye Mujhe Kya Hua (Lata, Asha)
9) O Basanti Pawan Paagal (Lata)
10) Ye Loot Khasot Ye Daakaajani (Mukesh)
11) Pyaar Kar Le Nahi To Phaansi (Mukesh)

Ek Phool Char Kaante (1960):-

1) O Bomb Shell Baby Of Bombay (Iqbal Singh)
2) O Meri Baby Doll (Rafi)
3) Sambhal Ke Karna Jo Kuch Karna (Mukesh)
4) Soch Rahi Thi Kahoon Na Kahoon (Lata)
5) Dil Aye Dil Baharon Se Mil (Talat, Lata)
6) Matwaali Naar Thumak Thumak (Mukesh)

Behrupiya (Unreleased)

1) Hans Kar Hansa Masti Mein Ga (Manna Dey)

Unreleased song from Sangam:-

1) Kabhi Na Kabhi Kahin Na Kahin (Mukesh, Lata)

Asli Naqli (1962)

1) Kal Ki Daulat Aaj Ki Khushiyan (Rafi)
2) Tera Mera Pyar Amar (Lata)

Professor (1962)

1) Khuli Palak Mein Jhoota Gussa (Rafi)
2) Mein Chali Mein Chali (Rafi, Lata)

Hariyali Aur Raasta (1962):-

1) Bol Meri Taqdeer Mein Kya Hai (Mukesh, Lata)
2) Teri Yaad Dil Se (Mukesh)
3) Laakhon Taare Aasmaan Mein (Mukesh, Lata)
4) Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani (Lata)
5) Bol Meri Taqdeer Mein Kya Hai (Lata)
6) Parwano Ki Raah Mein (Asha)

Rangoli (1962)

1) Choti Si Ye Duniya Pehchane (Kishore)
2) Choti Si Ye Duniya Pehchane (Lata)
3) Hum Tum Ye Khoyi Khoyi Rahein (Mukesh, Lata)
4) Jao-Jao Nand Ke Lala (Lata)
5) Ek Nazar Kisi Ne Dekha (Kishore, Lata)

6) Sagar Pe Aaj Maujo Ka Raaj (Lata, chorus)

Dil Tera Deewana (1962):-

1) Dil Tera Deewana Hai Sanam (Rafi, Lata)
2) Rickse Pe Mere (Rafi, Asha)
3) Mujhe Kitna Pyar Hai Tumse (Rafi, Lata)
4) Jaane-E-Wafa Jaane-E-Jahan (Rafi, Lata)

Dil Ek Mandir (1963):-

1) Ruk Ja Raat Tehar Ja (Lata)
2) Yaad Na Jaaye Beete (Rafi)
3) O Meri Ladli (Suman) (Part-1)
4) O Meri Ladli (Suman) (Part-2)
5) Palanhare Ram Lakhanhare Ram (Suman)

Ek Dil Sau Afsane (1963):-

1) Door Ke O Chanda (Lata, chorus)
2) Mast Nazar Dekh Idhar (Mukesh)
3) Suno Ki Suno Hamari (Mukesh)
4) Tum Hi Tum Ho (Rafi, Lata)

Hamrahi (1963)

1) Man Re Tu Hi Bata (Lata)
2) Karle Jiska Intezaar (Rafi, Lata)
3) Dil Tu Bhi Ga (Rafi, chorus)

Apne Hue Paraye (1964):-

1) Maine Bulaya Aur Tum Aaye (Lata)
2) Apne Hue Paraye (Lata)’
3) Gagan Ke Chanda (Subir Sen, Lata)
4) Koi Bulaye Aur Koi Aaye (Mukesh)
5) Bahar Banke Wo Muskuraye (Lata, chorus)

April Fool (1964)

1) Aa Gale Lag Ja (Rafi, chorus)

Aayee Milan Ki Bela (1964):-

1) Aa Aayee Milan Ki Bela (Rafi, Asha, chorus)
2) O Sanam Tere Ho Gaye Hum (Rafi, Lata)

Beti Bete (1964)

1) Radhike Tune Bansuri Churaye (Rafi)
2) Aaj Kal Mein Dhal Gaya (Rafi, Lata)
3) Aaj Kal Mein Dhal Gaya (Rafi)
4) Aaj Kal Mein Dhal Gaya (Lata)
5) Naino Wali Tere Naina (Rafi)

Rajkumar (1964):-

1) Hum Hain Rajkumar (Rafi, chorus)
2) Aaja Aayee Bahar Dil (Lata)
3) Dilruba Dil Pe Tu (Rafi, chorus)
4) Naach Re Man Badkamma (Lata, Asha)

Saanj Aur Savera (1964):-

1) O Sajna Mere Ghar Angana (Lata)
2) Man Mohana Krishna Murari (Lata)
3) Taqdeer Kahan Le Jaayegi (Rafi)

Sangam (1964):-

1) Peeke Hum Tum Jo Chale (Mukesh)
2) Dost Dost Na Raha (Mukesh)
3) O Mere Sanam O Mere Sanam (Mukesh, Lata)
4) Mere Man Ki Ganga (Mukesh, Vaijantimala)
5) Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega (Mukesh, Lata, Mahendra Kapoor)
6) Gale Lagi Seham Seham (Mukesh)

Zindagi (1964):-

1) Ek Naye Mehamaan Ke Aane (Lata, chorus)
2) Hum Dil Ka Kanwal Denge (Manna Dey, Lata, chorus)
3) Hum Dil Ka Kanwal Denge (Lata, chorus)
4) Humne Zafaa Na Sikhi Unko (Rafi)
5) Muskuraa Laadle Muskuraa (Manna Dey)

Gumnaam (1965):-

1) Jan Pehchaan Ho (Rafi, chorus)
2) Hum Kaale Hain Tho Kya (Rafi, Mehmood)
3) Aayega Kaun Yahan (Sharda)

4) Ye Teri Aankein Ye Tera Joban (Rafi) (UNRELEASED SONG)

Jaanwar (1965)

1) Laal Chadi Maidan Khadi (Rafi)
2) Ankhon Ankhon Mein Kisi (Lata, Asha)
3) Ankhon Ankhon Mein Kisi (Lata, Asha, Manna Dey)
4) Dekho Ab To Kisi Ko Nahi (Balbir, Rafi, Asha, chorus)

Amrapali (1966):-

1) Jao Re Jogi Tum Jao (Lata)
2) Nacho Gao Nacho Dhoom Machao (Chorus)
3) Tadap Ye Din Raat Ki (Lata)
4) Tumhe Yaad Karte Karte (Lata)

Budtameez (1966):-

1) Dil Ko Na Mere Tadpao (Rafi)
2) Haseen Ho Tum Khuda Nahi Ho (Rafi)

Gaban (1966):-

1) Aaye Re Din Sawan Ke (Lata)
2) Mein Har Raat Jaagi (Lata)
3) Tum Bin Sajan Barse Nayan (Rafi, Lata)

Love In Tokyo (1966):-

1) Koi Matwala Aaye Mere Dware (Lata)

Teesri Kasam (1966)

1) Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo (Mukesh)
2) Paan Kaaye Saiyan Hamaro (Asha)
3) Chalat Musafir Moh Liya Re (Manna Dey, chorus)
4) Laali Laali Doliya Mein (Asha, chorus)
5) Kissa Jota Hai Shuru (Shankar Shambhu)
6) Main Sunaati Hoon Ek Maajraa (Shankar Shambhu, Mubarak Begum)
7) Rahega Ishq Tera Khaak (Lata)
8) Sajanwa Bairi Ho Gaye Hamaar (Mukesh)
9) Hai Gazab Kahin Taara Toota (Asha)

Suraj (1966)

1) Titli Udi Ud Jo Chali (Sharda)
2) Dekho Mera Dil Machal Gaya (Sharda)

Pyar Mohabbat (1966):-

1) Aaj Aaye Ri Baanke Mere (Asha, Usha)
2) Husn Ko Chand Haaye (Rafi)
3) Haye Aap Naraaz Khuda (Rafi)
4) Dekho Dekho Madam Suno (Rafi, Manna Dey)

Aman (1967):-

1) Aaj Ki Raat Ye Kaisi Raat (Rafi, Saira Banu)

Around The World (1967):-

1) Duniya Ke Sair Kar Lo (Mukesh, Sharda, chorus)
2) Jaane Bhi De Sanam (Sharda)
3) Josh-E-Javani Haye (Mukesh)
4) Aao Aao Aate Kyon Nahi (Rafi, Manna Dey, chorus)
5) Ye Muh Aur Mansoor Ki Daal (Mubarak Begum, Sharda)

An Evening In Paris (1967):-

1) Deewane Ka Naam To Poocho (Rafi)
2) Raat Ke Hamsafar Thak Ke Ghar (Rafi, Asha)
3) Hoga Tumse Kal Bhi Samna (Rafi)
4) Mera Dil Hai Tera (Rafi)
5) My Name Is Suje_Le Ja Mera Dil (Sharda)

Choti Si Mulaqat (1967):-

1) Jeevan Ke Dorahe Par (Lata)
2) Kal Naheen Paaye Jiya (Lata)
3) Mat Ja Mat Ja (Asha)

Diwana (1967):-

1) Mubarak Dene Aaye The (Mukesh)
2) Pate Ki Baat Kahega (Mukesh)
3) Tumhari Bhi Jai Jai (Mukesh)
4) Tumhari Bhi Jai Jai (Sharda)
5) Tumko Sanam Pukar Ke (Sharda)

Gunahon Ka Devta (1967):-

1) Chaha Tha Banoon Pyar (Mukesh)

Hare Kaanch Ki Choodiyan (1967):-

1) Dhaani Chunari Pehan (Asha)
2) Panchi Re O Panchi (Rafi, Asha)
3) Hai Kahan Chala Re Kahan (Sharda)

4) Le Ja Dil Hai Tera (Sharda)

Laat Saheb (1967):-

1) Savere Wali Ghadi (Rafi, chorus)
2) Aye Chand Zara Chup Ja (Rafi, Asha)

Raat Aur Din (1967):-

1) Na Chedo Kal Ke Afsane (Lata)
2) Dil Ki Girah Khol Do (Manna Dey, Lata)
3) Jeena Hamne Raas Na Aaya (Lata)
4) Aawra Ae Mere Dil (Lata) (Fast)
5) Aawra Ae Mere Dil (Lata) (Slow)

Jhuk Gaya Aasmaan(1968):-

1) Sacha Hai Agar Pyaar Tera (Rafi) (Fast)
2) Sacha Hai Agar Pyaar Tera (Rafi) (Sad)
3) Mere Tumhare Beech Mein Ab (Lata)

Brahmachari (1968):-

1) Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar (Rafi, Suman)
2) Mein Gaoon Tum So Jao (Rafi) (Fast)
3) Mein Gaoon Tum So Jao (Rafi) (Sad)
4) Chakke Mein Chakka Chakke Pe Gadi (Rafi)

Kahin Aur Chal (1968):-

1) O Laxmi O Sarsu (Rafi)
2) Paani Re Barse Jab Paani (Lata, chorus)
3) Re Aane Wale Aa Tu Der Na Laga (Lata)

Sapnon Ka Saudagar (1968):-

1) Tum Pyar Se Dekho (Mukesh, Sharda, chorus)
2) Le Lo Le Lo Sapnon Ka Saudagar (Mukesh)
3) O Zindagi Aye Meri Bebasi (Mukesh)

Mera Naam Joker (1970):-

1) Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan (Mukesh)
2) Jo Main Aisa Jaanati Kaate Na (Manna Dey, Asha)
3) Kaare Kaare Badra Ang Lag Ja (Asha)


1) Duniya Ki Kitabon Se (Rafi)

2) Aaha Le Gayi O Jiya (Lata, Asha, chorus)

Jawan Mohabbat(1971):-

1) Zulm O Sitam Ko Bhi (Rafi)

Jangal Mein Mangal (1972)

1) Tum Kitni Khoobsurat Ho (Kishore Kumar)


1) Morey Man Kamini


Anand Math(1952):-

1) Naino Mein Saawan(Part-1)(Geeta Dutt)
2) Naino Mein Saawan(Part-2)(Geeta Dutt)
3) Kaise Rokoge Aise Toofan(Talat,Geeta)
4) Aa Re Bhanware Aa(Geeta Dutt)


5) Aye Baadlon Rhimjim Ke Rang(Lata)
6) Aa ja ri chandni hamari gali(Lata)
7) Khoyi Khoyi Ankiyan Neena Bina(Lata)
8) Kabhi Aaj Kabhi Kal Kabhi Parso(Lata,Suman)
9) Muskuraye Laadle Door Ho Andhera(Lata)

Hum Bhi Insaan Hain(1959):-

10) Pyaar Jatake Lalchaaye Mora(Shamshad Begum)
11) Oonch Neech Ka Bhed Bulakar(Hemant Kumar)
12) Gori tore natkhat naina(Geeta Dutt)
13) Phulva Band Mahake Dekho(Geeta,Suman)
14) Hai Re Kismat Ka Andher Hai(Hemant Kumar)
15) Pyaari Bole Bulbul Padosan(Rafi)


1) Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor (Ranu Mukherjee)



1) Jiya Nahi Laage O Mora Man (Lata)
2) Le Ja Apni Yaad Bhi (Lata)
3) O Denewale Yeh Kya Diya Tune (Geeta Dutt)
4) Ghir Aayi Hey Ghor Ghata (Geeta Dutt)
5) O Pyare ji Chalo Bhag Ki Sair (Rafi-Asha)


Shrimatiji (1952)

1) Teri Chahat Mein Balam (Geeta Dutt)



1) Mere Dil Ki Dhadkhan Kya Bole(Talat, Lata)


2) Phool Chun Le Mere Balam(Used in Firadus) (Lata)
3) Dekho Ji Mera Jiya Churaye (Lata)
4) Kajraari Matwari Madhbhari Do Ankiyan(Rajkumari)
5) Unke Bulave Pe Dole Mera Dil(Lata)


6) Badlegi Ye Duniya Ek Din(Hridynath Mangeshkar)
7) Jeenewale O Matwale Zindagi Se Pyaar(Lata)
8) Andhi Kismat Kise Le Chalegi Kahan(Lata)
9) Hansin Tim-Tim Chote Chote Taare(Lata)
10) Preet Nibani Balma Tum Kya(Meena Kapoor)
11) Do Nainon Ne Jaal (Lata)
12) Mohabbat Ke Jhoote Saharo(Talat)


13) Mil Jhul Ke Kaaton Logon(Hemant kumar, Indira Meerchandani,chorus)
14) Bansuriya Kahe Bajaye Bin(Lata, Sudha)
15) Ho Dheere Dheere Chad Gaya(Hemant, Lata)
16) Aag Chidak Gayi Chandni Mere(Meena Kapoor)


17) Ye Sama Hum Tum Javan(Kishore, Meena Kapoor)
18) Holi Khele Nandlal (Mukesh, Suraiya, chorus)
19) Zameen Bhi Chup Hai(Mukesh)
20) Aao Shyamsundar Ab Tho Shaam Ho(Suraiya)
21) Jhilmil Taare Kare Ishaare(Mukesh, Suraiya)
22) Mera Bachpan Wapas Aaya(Suraiya)

Chandni Chowk(1954):-

23) Bahek Chale Nainwa Hai(Lata)
24) Jadoo Bura Bangal Ka(Lata)
25) Aizam__Jitne Bhi Hai Galata(Asha)
26) Dil Ki Shiyakat Nazar Ke Shikve(Lata)

Coffee House(1957)

27) Jawan Ye Zindagi Pyaar Ka Sama(Asha Bhosle)

Aji Bas Shukriya(1958)

28) Ho-Ho Hone Laga Ye Dil Mein Dard(Asha)

Deep Jalte Rahe(1959)

29) Daali Pe Baithi Thi Dus Chidiya(Asha, chorus)
30) Ek Daur Naya Duniya Mein(Asha, chorus)
31) Na Ro Bhai Na Ro(Rafi, Vijaya)
32) Cham Cham Geet Sunaye(Asha)
33) Dekho Ji Ras Le Gayo(Asha)

Heera Moti(1959)

34) O Bedardi Aa Mil Jaldi(Lata)
35) Ghar Ke Jogi Ka Bhes(Asha, Usha)
36) Ik Din Ye Aansoo Banenge Sitare(Lata)


37) Kisi Ko Na Batungi Ho Chori Chori(Lata)
38) Bata Do Koi Kaun Gali(Lata)
39) Bata Do Koi Kaun Gali(Manna Dey)
40) Kahe Bano Ji Anjaan(Lata)

Soorat Aur Seerat(1962):-

41) Bahut Diya Denewale Mein Tujhko(Mukesh)
42) Prem Lagan Mein Man Basa Le(Asha)
43) Jaise Court Mein Haakim Ki(Asha)
44) Geet Mein Sulaaye Jagaye Tujhe(Lata)


Do Bigha Zameen(1953):-

1) Hariyala Sawan Dhol Bajata Aaya (Manna Dey, Lata, chorus)
2) Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke (Manna Dey, Lata, chorus)
3) Ajab Tori Duniya Hey More (Rafi, chorus)
4) Aaja Ja Ri Aa Nindiya (Lata)

Naukri (1954):-

1) Chota Sa Ghar Hoga  Baadalon Ke (Kishore, Sheila Belle ) (Happy Version)
2) Chota Sa Ghar Hoga Baadalon Ke (Hemant Kumar) (Sad Version)
3) Jhoome Re Kali Bhanwara (Geeta Dutt)
4) Ek Choti Si Naukri Ka (Kishore, Shankar Dasgupta, Shyam Mitra)
5) Aji Hamari Ye Marji (Kishore)
6) O Man Re Na Ghum (Lata)

Amaanat (1955):-

1) Chet Re Moorkha Chet (Manna Dey, Asha)
2) Chal Chal Paani Hamari Zindagani (Manna Dey, Asha, chorus)
3) Meri Wafaye Tumhari Jafaye (Asha)
4) Baki Adayein Dekhna Ji (Geeta Dutt)
5) O Jab Se Mile Tose Ankiyan (Hemant Kumar, Geeta)
6) Jab Tumse Mohabbat Cheen Le (Asha)

Aawaz (1956):-

1) Lo Bhor Hui Panchi Nikle (Rafi)
2) Aayi Baraat Baje Gaaje (Rafi, S.Balbir, chorus)
3) Baba Teri Sone Chirya (Lata)

Parivaar (1956):-

1) Ja Tose Nahin Bolun (Manna Dey, Lata)
2) Baawali Bana Ke Choda (Asha)
3) Ek Do Teen Chaar Paanch (Hemant Kumar, Asha, chorus)
4) Yaar Tum Shaadi Mat Karna (Kishore)
5) Hum Ja Pohanche (Kishore)
6) Jhir Jhir Badarwa Barse (Hemant Kumar, Lata)

Jaagte Raho (1956):-

1) Zindagi Khawb Hai (Manna Dey) (This version was removed from movie)
2) Zindagi Khwab Hai (Mukesh)
3) Jago Mohan Pyaare (Lata, chorus)
4) Thandi Thandi Sawan Ki Puhar (Asha)
5) Lo She Vai Vai (Sandhya Mukherjee, chorus)

Ek Gaon Ki Kahani (1957):-

1) Kana Kubda Langda Loola (Asha)
2) Jhoome Re Neela Ambar Jhoome (Talat)
3) Bole Pihu Pihu Re Papihara (Lata)
4) Koi Dekh Lega (Talat, Lata)
5) Chale Tumak Tumak Taare (Lata)
6) Din Holi Ka Aa Gaya (Manna Dey, Lata)
7) Raat Ne Kya Kya Khwab (Talat)

Musafir (1957):-

1) Man Re Hari Gun (Lata)
2) Ek Aaye Ek Jaaye Musafir  Duniya Ek Saray Re(Shyamal Mitra)
3) Munna Bada Pyaara (Kishore)
4) Tedhi Tedhi Humse Phire (Manna Dey, Shamshad Begum)
5) Laagi Nahi Choote Ram (Dilip Kumar, Lata) (Part-1)
6) Laagi Nahi Choote Ram (Dilip Kumar, Lata) (Part-2)

Madhumati (1958):-

1) Suhana Safar Aur Ye Mausam (Mukesh)
2) Aaja Re Pardesi (Lata)
3) Zulmi Sang Aankh Ladi (Lata, chorus)
4) Ghadi Ghadi Mora Dil Dhadke (Lata)
5) Dil Tadap Tadap Ke (Mukesh, Lata)
6) Chadh Gayo Papi Bichhua (Manna Dey, Lata)
7) Jungle Mein Mor Nacha (Rafi)
8) Toote Huye Khawabon Ne (Rafi)
9) Hum Haal-e-Dil Sunayenge (Mubarak Begum)
10) Kancha Le Kanchi Lai Lajo (Asha, Sabita Choudhary, Ghulam Mohammed)

Heera Moti (1959):-

1) Naach Re Dharti Ke Pyare (Hemant Kumar, Lata)

This was the only song composed by Salil Choudhary in this movie,
all the other songs were composed by Roshan.

Honeymoon (1960):-

1) Saanj Bhayi Sun Ri Sakhi (Lata, Usha)
2) Aa Re Magan Mera Chanchal (Lata)
3) Mere Khawbon Mein Khayalon (Mukesh, Lata)
4) Mere Khawbon Mein Khayalon (Lata)
5) Duniya Na Dekhe Zamana (Dwijen Mukherjee, Lata)
6) Chuo Na Chuo Albele Mere Saiyan (Mukesh, Sabita Banerjee)
7) Tum Jo Mile To Khila Hai Gulab (Sabita Banerjee)

Parakh (1960):-

1) Mila Hai Kisi Ka Jhumka (Lata)
2) Kya Hawa Chali Baba Rut Badli (Manna Dey)
3) O Sajana Barkha Bahar Aayi (Lata)
4) Mere Man Ke Diye (Lata)
5) Ye Bansi Kyon Gaaye (Lata)

6) Teri Leela Sabse Nyari Lakshmi Maiya  (Chorus)

Usne Kaha Tha (1960):-

1) Chalte Hi Jana Jahan Tak (Manna Dey, Rafi)
2) Machalti Arzoo Khadi Baahein (Lata)
3) Aha Rhimjim Ke Ye Pyare Pyare Geet (Talat, Lata)
4) Balkhati Sharmati Aaja (Rafi, Lata, chorus)

Char Diwari (1961):-

1) Gori Babul Ka Gharwa (Lata)
2) Kaise Manaoon Piawa (Mukesh)
3) Jhuk Jhuk Jhoom Ghata (Lata)
4) Akela Tujhe Jaane Na Doongi (Lata)
5) Neend Pari Lori Gaaye (Lata)
6) Humko Samaj Baithi Ye Duniya (Mukesh)

Mem Didi(1961):-

1) Hu Tu Tu Tu (Mahendra Kapoor, Lata, chorus)
2) Raton Ko Jab Neend Na Aaye (Lata)
3) Bachpan O Bachpan Pyare Bachpan (Lata)
4) Bhula De Zindagi Ke Gham (Lata)
5) Mein Jaanti Hoon Tum Jhooth Bolte (Mukesh, Lata)
6) Beta Wow Wow Wow (Lata)

7) Ye Aasmaan Zameen Par (Mahendra Kapoor)

Sapan Suhane (1961):-

1) Dil Kehta Hai Zara To Dum Le (Manna Dey, chorus)
2) O Gori Aaja Gaddi Vich Bith Ja (Manna Dey, Lata)
3) Nazar Se Mil Gayi Nazar (Sabita Chowdhary, Dwijen Mukherjee)
4) Naam Mera Nimmo Mukam Ludhiana (Lata, Manna Dey, Dwijen)
5) Ghoonghat Hata Na Dena (Lata)
6) Lo Sun Lo Yeh Mera Afsana (Manna Dey)
7) Chand Kabhi Tha Bahon Mein (Sabita Choudhary)

Half Ticket (1962):-

1) Cheel Cheel Chilake (Kishore)
2) Woh Ek Nigah Kya Mili (Kishore, Lata)
3) Aake Seedhi Lage Dil Pe Jaise (Kishore)
4) Arre Le Lo Ji (Kishore)
5) Aankhon Mein Tum Dil Mein (Kishore, Geeta)
6) Chand Raat Tum Ho Saath (Kishore, Lata)
7) Arre Wah Re Mere Malik (Kishore)

Chand Aur Suraj (1965):-

1) Baagh Mein Kali Khili (Asha)
2) Jhanan Jhan Baaje (Lata)
3) Tumhe Dil Se Chaha (Rafi, Suman)
4) Teri Yaad Na Dil Se (Lata)
5) Meri Aur Unki Preet Purani (Asha)
6) Kisi Ne Jadoo Kiya (Mukesh)

Poonam Ki Raat (1965):-

1) Taa Deem Tana Deem (Asha)
2) Tum Kahan Le Chale (Mukesh, Lata)
3) Sapnon Mein Mere Koi Aaye (Mukesh, Lata, Usha)
4) Bhole Piya Jaane Kya Tumne Kiya (Asha, chorus)
5) Dil Tadpe Tadpaye (Rafi)
6) Saathi Re Tujh Bin Jiya Udhaas (Lata)

Pinjre Ke Panchi (1966):-

1) Neecha Kaam Ooncha Naam (Manna Dey)
2) Mere Nayan Paakhi Bechare (Lata)
3) Jhoom Le Jhoom Le (Asha)
4) Manzil Teri Khoj Mein (Lata)


Dilli Darbaar (1956):-

1) Mehfil Mein Kaisi Chaam Chaam (Lata)

Ram Hanuman Yudh (1957):-

1) Aaj Agar Meri Laaj Gayi (Dilip Dholakia, Lata)
2) Balma O Balma Chanda Hamare (Lata)
3) Binti Karat Mori Payal (Lata)
4) Rakh Laaj Mere Sindoor Ki (Lata)
5) Suna Tu Man Ki Bin (Lata)

Sangeet Samrat Tansen (1962):-

1) Kuhoo Kuhoo Pi Kahan (Unknown)
2) Pardesi Ghar Aaya Ke (Mahendra Kapoor, Lata)
3) Hamad Ke Laayak Hai Tu
4) Sakhi Kaise Dharoon Mein Deer (Lata)
5) Aali Dekho Bhor Bhayi
6) Jhoomti Chali Hawa Yaad Aa Gaya (Mukesh)
7) Mitwa Laut Aaye Re (Manna Dey)
8) Ab Aayi Barkha Bahar (Manna Dey, Rafi)
9) Chanda Chupa Sooraj Chupa
10) Meghya Aao Re Dheere Dheere (Manna Dey, Lata)

Shiv Parwati (1962):-

1) More Laage Re (Geeta, Asha)

Kunwari (1966):-

1) Jalbhari Nagari Se Chalke (Lata, chorus)
2) Pyar Ke Palchin Beete Huye Din (Talat)
3) Pyar Ke Palchin Beete Huye Din (Lata)
4) Ye Mere Dil Sun Meri Jaan (Mukesh)
5) Kehta Hai Mera Dil Ki Sanam (Mukesh, Asha)
6) Dhaani Chunari Meri (Mahendra Kapoor, Meenu Puroshattam)


Sautela Bhai (1962):-

1) Maiya Maiya Bole Baal (Pankaj Mitra, Meena Kapoor)
2) Dekho Re Logo Bhai Bhai (Anil Biswas, Pankaj, Manna Dey)
3) Paisa Nahin Hota Jo Kuch (Anil Biswas, Manna Dey)
4) Ja Mein To Se Nahi Bolu (Lata)
5) Ho Man Re Main Jag Me Aaj (Mahendra Kapoor)
6) Phool Ban Bagiya Khile (Manna Dey, Meena Kapoor)
7) Madhav Bin Madhav Saara (Mahendra Kapoor, Lata)
8) Laagi Nahin Choote Rama (Meena Kapoor, Lata)

Choti Choti Baatein (1965):-

1) Andhi Duniya Matlab Ki (Manna Dey)
2) Kuch Aur Zamana Kehta (Meena Kapoor)
3) Ladki Jal Koyla Bhayi (Lata)
4) Zindagi Ka Ajab Fasana Hein (Mukesh, Lata)
5) Zindagi Khwab Hai (Mukesh)
6) Kya Laye Kya Le Jaoge (Manna Dey)


Begana (1963):-

1) Bulati Hai Bahar Chale (Lata)
2) Daaton Ka Zamana (Mahendra Kapoor)
3) Phir Woh Bhooli Si Yaad (Rafi)
4) Na Jaane Kahan Kho Gaya (Mukesh)
5) Pyaar Nibhana Bhool (Asha)
6) Tose Nazar Ladi Sajna Re (Asha)
7) Sagar Ka Jhilmil Paani (Manna Dey, Asha)
8) Aaye Gayo More Man (Lata, Usha)


Bhai Saheb(1954):-

1) Girta Hai Gar Andhera (CH Atma)
2) Raat Phagun Ki Chand (CH Atma)
3) Hazar Rang Hai (CH Atma, Kamudi Munshi, Ninu Majumdar)
4) Raaton Ko Chori Chori (CH Atma, Kamudi Munshi)
5) Duniya Tere Rang Nirale (CH Atma)
6) Dil Ki Lagi Khel__Naghma-E-Dil (CH Atma, Kamudi Munshi)
7) Oonchi Neechi Dagar__Manzil Tho Hai (CH Atma)
8) Nazar Ne Keh Diya Afsana (CH Atma)
9) Chaman Jal Raha Hai (Lata)
10) Aankhon Aankhon Se Jataya (Lata)


Chhatrapati Shivaji (1952):-

1) Aao Mere Ghar Aao (Lata)
2) Mera Bachpan Kabhi Na Beetega (Lata)
3) Laadle Raam se Tum Ho (Lata)
4) Madhbhare Pawan Mein Jaise (Lata)
5) Desh Ki Dharti Ne (Chitalker, chorus)
6) Azaad Gagan Azaad Pavan (Chitalker, Lata, chorus)
7) Mere Naihar Ka Moh (Lata)
8) Mujhpe Bhi Reham Karo (Rangnath Jadhav, chorus)

Anarkali (1953):-

1) Aaja Ab To Aaja (Lata)
2) Dua Kar Gam-E-Dil (Lata)


Dilli Ka Thug (1958):-

1) Ye Raatein Yeh Mausam Nadi (Kishore, Asha)
2) Chal Ri Ameeren (Kishore, chorus)

Devar Bhabhi (1958):-

1) Ye Kaisi Rut Aayi (Asha)
2) Ye Kya Kar Diya More Ram (Manna Dey)
3) Chori Chup Jaaye Re Dacaity (Shamshad Begum, Asha)
4) Kise Thi Khabar (Asha) (Happy)
5) Kise Thi Khabar (Asha) (Sad)

Jawani Ki Hawa (1959):-

1) Chanda Ke Paas Ek Tara (Asha)
2) Kaun Jaane Re Baba (Rafi, Asha, Geeta Dutt)

Nai Raahein (1959):-

1) Tose Laage Naina (Rafi, Asha)
2) Kal Ke Chand Aaj Ke Sapne (Lata)
3) Kal Ke Chand Aaj Ke Sapne (Hemant Kumar, Lata)


Sailaab (1956):-

1) Yeh Rut Yeh Raat Jawaan (Geeta Dutt)
2) Aa Gayi Re Raat Rang Bhar (Geeta Dutt)

Detective (1958):-

1) Aankhon Pe Bharosa Mat (Rafi, Sudha)
2) Kal Talak Hum Thik Tha (Rafi, Geeta)
3) Chodiye Gussa Huzoor (Rafi)
4) Aaja Kar Le Muqabla (Rafi, Geeta)
5) Mujhko Tum Jo Mile (Hemant Kumar, Geeta)
6) Raahi Chal Sambhal Sambhal (Asha)
7) Mujhko Tum Jo Mile (Geeta)
8) Do Chamakti Ankhon Mein (Geeta)


Anuradha (1960)

1) Bahut Din Huye Taaron Ke Desh (Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor)
2) Jaane Kaise Sapno Mein (Lata)
3) Kaise Din Beete (Lata)
4) Hai Re Woh Din (Lata)
5) Sun Mere Lal Yun (Manna Dey)
6) Sanware Kahe Mose (Lata)
7) Bahut Din Huye Taaron Ke Desh (Manna Dey, Lata, Mahendra Kapoor)


Savera (1958):-

1) Jeevan Ke Raaste Hazar (Manna Dey)
2) O Pardesi Chora (Lata)
3) Chhupa Chhupi O Chhupi (Manna Dey, Lata)
4) Aankh Michuli Khel Rahi (Lata)
5) Nadiya Ke Paani (Lata)


Jab Se Tumhe Dekha Hai (1963):-

1) Ye Din Hai Khushi Ke (Manna Dey, Suman)
2) Chand Tale Jhoom Jhoom (Subir Sen, Suman)
3) Arre Re Dil Kho Gaya (Rafi, Asha)
4) Mohammed Shah Rangile (Manna Dey)
5) Hum Aap Ki Mehfil Mein (Rafi)

Ab Dilli Door Nahi (1957):-

1) Malik Tere Jahan Mein (Sudha)
2) Ramleela_Raghuvar Ke Gun Raghupati Raghav ( Asha, Geeta, chorus)
3) Maata O Maata (Sudha)
4) Ye Chaman Hamara (Asha, Geeta, chorus)


Naya Kadam (1958):-

1) Ho Choonva Moonva (Sailesh Mukherjee)



Kal Hamara Hai (1959):-

1) Irada Qatl Ka Hai (Asha)
2) Ye Sach Hai (Rafi)


Kal Hamara Hai (1959):-

1) Gham Ki Badli Mein Chamakta (Rafi, Sudha Malhotra)


Chote Nawab (1961):-

1) Haar Ho Ki Jeet Ho (Rafi)
2) Koi Aane Ko Hai (Rafi, Shamshad Begum)
3) Illahi Tu Sun Le (Rafi)
4) Aaj Hua Mera Dil Matwala (Rafi, Lata)
5) Matwali Aankhonwale (Rafi, Lata)
6) Jeenewale Muskura Ke Jee (Rafi, Lata, Mehmood)
7) Ghar Aaye Ghir Aaye (Lata)
8) Chura Ke Dil Ban Rahe (Lata)



1) Badi Mushkil Hai Ajab Mera (Lata)
2) Dhak Dhak Dhadke Jiyara (Lata)
3) Yeh Dil Ki Majbooriyan (Lata)
4) Dil Ki Duniya Mein (Lata)
5) Raah Na Sooje Jaun Kahan (Lata)
6) Keh De Gori Keh De (Lata)


Kaanch Ki Gudiya (1961):-

1) Koi Bacha Lo (Geeta Dutt)
2) Jhoomte Sharabhi Zara Hosh (Asha)
3) Saath Ho Tum Aur Raat (Mukesh, Asha)
4) Aai Hoon Badi Aas Liye (Geeta Dutt)
5) Aaya Ab Ja Ke Jeene Ka Maza (Rafi, Asha)
6) Tumhara Pyaar Meri Zindagani Ka (Asha)


Pipili Saheb(1954):-

1) Sapnon Ki Duniya Mein Naye Rang(Usha Mangeshkar, Meena Mangeshkar, Shaminder)
2) Chand Sitaro Mein Kaun Bulaye Re (Lata Mangeshkar, Shaminder)

Tees Maar Khan(1955)

1) Jinki Nigahon Mein Cheena Hai Dil Mein (Lata Mangeshkar)
2) Dhoondti Hai Tujhko Nigahein (Asha Bhosle)




1) Main Albeli Rhumjum Rhumjum Baje(Lata)
2) Jaane Na Haye Ye Duniya(Lata)
3) Jhan Jhan Payal Baje(Lata)
4) Rote Rote Gujar Gayi Raat (Lata)


5) Ghayal Hirniya Main Ban Ban Daloo(Lata)
6) Nain Khoye Khoye Tere Dil(Lata)
7) Shivji Bihaane Chale Palki(Hemant Kumar-chorus)(Part 1)
8) Shivji Bihaane Chale Palki(Hemant Kumar-chorus)(Part 2)
9) De Diya Tho Le Le Dil(Geeta Dutt, SD Burman)

Madh Bhare Nain(1955)

10) Aa Naye Zamane Ka Naya Paigham(Asha-chorus)
11) Dekho Mose Sanchi Kaho(Lata)
12) Man panchi albela taaro ki nagari(Lata)
13) Aaj Ki Din Hai Pyaar(Lata)
14) Aa Palkon Mein Aa(Lata)
15) Pehli Na Doosri Na Teesri(Kishore)
16) Diwane Armaano Ki Bheed(Kishore-Asha-chorus)
17) O Leke Jiya Kahan Jaoge(Lata)

Insaan Jhag Utha(1959)

18) Chand Sa Mukhda Kyon(Rafi, Asha)
19) O Mehnatkash Insaan Jhag Utha(Rafi, Asha)
20) Ye Chanda Roos Ka(Rafi, chorus)
21) Baat Badti Gayi Khel(Asha, chorus)
22) Malai Baharon Ke Nazaro Se(Asha,chorus)
23) Aankhe Char Char Hote Gaya(Asha,chorus)
24) Janu Janu Ri Kahe(Geeta Dutt, Asha Bhosle)

Kaagaz Ke Phool(1959)

1) O Peter O Brother Harry(Rafi)

Kala Bazar(1960)

26) Teri Dhun Har Kahin(Rafi)
27) Na Main Dhan Chahoon(Geeta Dutt, Sudha Malhotra)
28) Apni Tho Har Aah Ek Toofan(Rafi)
29) Saanj Dali Dil Ki Lagi(Manna Dey,Asha Bhosle)
30) Khoya Khoya Chand Khula Aasmaan(Rafi)
31) Sambhalo Sambhalo Apna Dil(Asha)
32) Sach Huye Sapne Tere(Asha)
33) Rhimjim Ke Tarane Leke Aayi Barsaat(Rafi, Geeta Dutt)

Miya Biwi Razi(1960)

34) Sun Meri Sajanai Re(Rafi, Mehmood, chorus)
35) Tune Le Liya Hai Dil Ab Kya Hoga(Rafi,Geeta Dutt)
36) Khuli Hai Aankh Magar Khawb(Suman Kalyanpur)
37) Chodo Chodo Mori Baiyaan(Suman Kalyanpur)
38) Piya Bin Nahi Aavat Chain(Mahendra Kapoor,Asha)
39) Paani Hota Doob Hi Jate(Rafi,chorus)
40) Main Hoon Bhola Byopori(Rafi)

Naughty Boy(1962)

41) Wo Dil Dhadka Use Dekhte Hi(Kishore)
42) Nazarein Mila Ke Jo Duniya(Kishore)
43) Sa Sa Sa Re Ga Re Ga(Kishore,Asha)
44) Aa Jahan Bhi Gaye Hum Wo(Kishore,Asha)
45) Ab Tho Bata Arre Zalim(Kishore,Asha)
46) Sheest Khobana Khobana Rang Ke Duniya(Kishore,chorus)
47) Ho Gayo Shaam Dil Badnam(Manna Dey ,Asha)
48) Aayi Hai Belu Belu Tum Mere Pehchaane(Asha)


49) O Panchi Pyare(Asha Bhosle)
50) Ab Ke Baras Bhejo Bhaiya(Asha Bhosle)
51) Mat Ro Mata Lal Tere(Manna Dey)
52) Jogi Jab Se Tu Aaya(Lata)
53) O Jaanewale Ho Sake Tho Laut(Mukesh)
54) O Mere Maanjhi Saajan Hai Us Paar(SD Burman)

Meri Surat Teri Aankein(1963)

55) Tere Bin Soone Nain Hamare(Rafi,Lata)
56) Poocho Na aise Maine Rain(Part 1)(Manna Dey)
57) Poocho Na aise Maine Rain(Part 1)(Manna Dey,SD Batish)
58) Tujhse Nazar Milane Mein(Asha Bhosle)
59) Naache Man Mora Magan(Rafi)
60) Tere Khayalon Mein Tere(Lata)
61) Ye Kisne Geet Cheda(Mukesh,Suman Kalyanpur)



63) Wahan Kaun Hai Tera(SD Burman)
64) Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammna Hai(Lata)
65) Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hai(Rafi)
66) Piya Tose Naina Lage Re(Lata, chorus)
67) Gaata Rahe Mera Dil(Kishore,Lata)
68) Din Dhal Jaaye Hai(Rafi)
69) Mose Chal Ki Ye Jaaye(Lata)
70) Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya(Rafi)
71) Allah Megh De Paani(SD Burman)
72) Hey Raam Hamare Ramchandra(Manna Dey,chorus)


Jewel Thief(1967)

74) Rula Ke Gaya Sapna Mera(Lata)


Satta Bazar(1959)

1)  Ja Ja Na Ched Maan Bhi Ja (Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur)


Door Gagan Ki Chaon Mein(1964):-

1) Rahi Tu Ruk Mat Jaana(Hemant Kumar)
2) Albele Din Pyaare Mere (Kishore Kumar)
3) Chod Meri Baiyan Balam(Asha Bhosle)
4) Jin Raaton Ki Bhor Nahi Hai(Kishore Kumar)
5) Khoya Khoya Chand Khoye Khoye Taare (Asha Bhosle)
6) Path Bhoola Ek Aaya Musafir (Asha Bhosle)
7) O Jag Ke Rakhwale (Manna Dey-chorus)

Hum Do Daku(1967)

1) Pag Gungroo Badh Guru Naache Re (Kishore Kumar-chorus)
2) Do Dinon Ki Hai Kahani (Kishore Kumar-Anoop Kumar)
3) Hum Do Daku Rang Rangile (Kishore Kumar-Anoop Kumar-chorus)
4) Ae Haseeno Nazneeno Nazar Chura-Chura (Kishore Kumar-Asha Bhosle-Usha Mangeshkar-chorus)
5) Allah Allah Bande Bandagi Mein Allah (Kishore Kumar-Anoop Kumar)

Door Ka Rahi(1971):-

1) Chali Chali Jaaye Zindagi Ki Dagar (Hemant Kumar-chorus)
2) Ek Din Aur Gaya Haye Roke Na Ruka (Manna Dey)


1) Sabhi Kuch Lutakar (Rafi)


1) Rhimjhim Rhimjhim Lo Barse (Suman Kalyanpur)
2) Dil Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhadke (Suman Kalyanpur)
3) Phool Khilega Bagon Mein (Mukesh, chorus) (Dedicated to Jawaharlal Nehru)
4) Tu Zinda Hai To Zindagi
5) Aman Ka Sipahi Mera Desh (Manna Dey, chorus)
6) Pyari Janambhumi Meri Pyari (Manna Dey, chorus)
7) Ye Jung Jung Hai (Manna Dey)
8) Is Baar Ladayee Laane Wala (Manna Dey)


1) Ganga Maiya Tohe Pirri Chadhaibo(1965):- (Composer: CHITRAGUPTA)

1) Hey Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari (Lata, Usha)
2) Hum Tho Khelat Rahani(Suman)
3) More karejava mein peer hai(Lata, Usha)
4) Sonia Ke Pinjre Mein (Rafi)
5) Luk Chip Badra Mein (Lata)
6) Kaahe Basuriyaa Bajule ki sudh(Lata)

2) Ganga(1965)   (Composer : CHITRAGUPTA)

7) Banwa Phuleva Basant Re (Lata)
8) Kanha Tori Balmi Ke (Lata)
9) Magan Kahe Nache Tohe (Lata, Usha)
10) Nyay Ke Naam Utal Dharti(Rafi)
11) Jaane Nagaroya Jannat Sab (Lata)
12) Chadl Chadit Naahi Aaye (Lata)

3) Naihar Chhutal Jaye(1964):- (Composer: JAIDEV)

13) Jiya kasak masak mor rahe(Rafi)
14) Ghar Se Sun Re Bhaiya (Manna Dey, Asha)
15) Jamuna Tat Shyam Khelat (Manna Dey, Asha)
16) Arre Rama Rhimjim Baresla (Manna Dey)
17) Chadela Asaad Barsela Sab (Meenu, Mubarak)
18) Naihar Chutal Jaaye (Lata Mangeshkar)

4) Saiyan Se Neha Lagaibe(1965):- (Composer : GHULAM MOHAMMED)

18) Phoolva niyar naar mukvaar(Rafi)
19) Ek Ek Paisa De More (S.Balbir, Manna)
20) Kaahe ka bhejal bedes re more (Rafi)
21) Kaahe ka bhejal bedes re more (Suman)
22) Naina more kajraare hame (Shamshad, Kamal Barot)

5) Mitwa(1966)  (Composer:  C RAMCHANDRA)

23) Kavan nagariya tu chal (Lata)
24) Kavan nagariya tu chal (Manna Dey)
25) Sapana dekh juda gayile (Lata)
26) Piyaa piyaa kahat piyar (Usha)
27) Danapur ke patari re (Krishna Kalle)
28) Chand Suraj Ke Laajveli (Asha)

6) Vidhana Naach Nachave(1968)  (Composer: DATTARAM)

29) Tore Kaaran Naina (Asha)
30) Gori Tere Naina(Rafi)
31) Dekh Dekh Hatiela (Lata)
32) Kehoo Na aane (Krishna Kalle)
33) Mere Uljee Re Naina(Rafi, Suman)
34) Resham Ki Doriya (Lata)..


1) Shailendra wrote songs for an unreleased movie Raaz(1959), which was RD Burman’s first movie as an independent composer..The songs were sung by Hemant Kumar, Geeta Dutt, Rafi and Asha Bhosle.
2) Shailendra wrote 4 to 5 songs for a movie Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani(1963), composed by Shankar-Jaikishan. The movie starred Kishore Kumar and Nargis, but the movie never released. Around 8 songs were recorded.
3) Shailendra wrote few songs for 2 unreleased movies of Kishore Kumar.
The first one was Suhana Geet(1960), which starred Kishore Kumar and Madhubala..It was composed by Kishore Kumar himself.
Here is song list:-
1) Lo Shaam Hui Din Dhoob Gaya(Kishore)
2) Baaje Baaje Re Kahin Bansuriya(Kishore)
3) Deep Jale Deep Bujhe(Kishore)
4) Arre Kidhar Chale O Salone Badal(Kishore)
5) Gun Gun Banware Sun(Lata)
6) Meta Geet Adhura Hai(Kishore, Lata) (The same song was used in Mamta Ki Chaon Mein, but it was a solo of Kishore Kumar)
7) Chala Chal Chala Chal(Kishore, Manna Dey)
4) The 2nd unreleased movie of Kishore Kumar was Band Master Chik Chik Boom.
3 songs were recorded for that movie, but the film never released.
Here is the song list:-
1) Kareeb Aaja Nazar Mila (Kishore)
2) Main Hoon Mister Chik Chik Boom(Kishore)
3) Main Husn Ka Parwana Hoon(Kishore)
5)  NEELA AASMAAN (UNRELEASED) (MUSIC-KISHORE KUMAR)Akela Hoon Mein Is Jahan Mein (Kishore Kumar)