When I grew up in the 90’S, It was the era of Fast Bowling.  We had some spectacular fast bowlers like Walsh, Ambrose, Mcdermott, Mcgrath, Akram, Younis, Vaas, Shrinath, Kapil, Nash, Pollock, Donald, Klusner, etc. All these fast bowlers were quality fast bowlers. They used to bowl with Perfect line and length, the batsman would become furious to even face them. They would ball straight not giving any room for the batsman to hit freely as he wished with perfect yockers that sometimes even yorked the bat too.

I remember once Waqar bowled a beautiful yorker to Brian Lara around 1991, which Lara had no clue and  not only that bowl took off all the 3 stumps and even Lara’s Bat too broke in that situation. After that he always panicked whenever he faced Waqar.

Here are few such glimpses.


Javagal Shrinath too was a superb bowler. He was a mind reader. Sometimes, even if you hit Shrinath for 2 boundries in 2 consecutive balls, the next bowl he had the ability to take your wicket. He had a very strong self belief and self confidence.

Curtley Ambrose from West Indies gave nightmares to Waugh brothers (Mark Waugh and Steve Waugh) everytime he bowled. He gave creeps and revulsion to them. First he made them sweat by bowling booming bouncers 3 to 4 times and when they started to lose their confidence he took the wickets. Because when you lose something, the other person gains. This is what exactly. happened with the Waugh brothers.  Ambrose was one of the finest bowler of all time. If you cannot believe, just look at this video when Ambrose gave just 1 run and on the other hand took 7 wickets against a team that had one the strongest batting line up. Boom Boom Boom.


Others like Wasim Akram, Glenn Mcgrath,  Chaminda Vass,  Walsh, Donald, Shaun Pollock too created jitters in the mind of any batsman who played during that era.  It was really cumbersome for them to play those bowlers. Donald applied white cream in his lips. That look was so scary and when he bowled, it was simply out of the world. He always made the batsman panic. Some of his deliveries were rather unplayable. Especially the beaming bouncers that he bowled.

Shaun Pollock on the other hand made the batsman play his deliveries. He bowled straight and either the batsman would nick the bowl to the keeper or the slip fielder or he would get knocked out. He was a medium pacer but a great thinker and read the batsman’s mind amazingly.  Very few bowlers possessed this supreme quality.

This is a video of 1997 in which Pollock knocked Anwar, Sohail and Ijaz in the same over. He is simply awesome.


Talking about spinners, The best spinner of all time is Mutiah Muralitharan who is also the World’s leading wicket taker with more than 1300 victims.  He used to lead from the front and whenever he bowled we could see a level of comfortability in other players.  He was quick and had an high arm action with an amazing bowling average.


Just look at some of his finest deliveries. Each and Every batsman is clueless on how to play Murali.




2 Days Back, I saw the match between Federer and Nadal. The Australian Open Finals, in the last set Federer was 0-2. But still won the match because of 3 important key features. I.e Ability, Believing yourself and Patience. We cannot see patience, but we can follow patience. To follow patience we need to have it inside us.

There are many things that run in our mind. Sometimes we have tried something many times and we have failed to achieve it, automatically there is a belief in our mind that we WILL NEVER be able to achieve it or its rather impossible achieving it even before we try. It has happened because we have lost patience or we have stopped believing ourselves. But, to overcome this mindset, we need to keep our patience intact and have a positive thought in our mind and atleast try for it. Go for it. Even if we have failed 10 times, its not necessary that 11th time too we are going to fail. Rather in the 11th time, we may achieve something far better than what others achieved.

We should judge ourselves by our own mind. Not by what others think about us. If we start judging our mind by what others think, we cannot live. We are the best judge for ourselves by keeping patience and Self Belief.

Sometimes it happens that we have lost our mindset and believe that we cannot achieve it, but others believe in us and give us an opportunity and we should take that opportunity and make it a success with self-belief and patience.

Music Composer OP Nayyar when he came to Mumbai in 1949, he gave music in 3 movies Aasmaan, Cham Chamma Cham and Baaz. But, all 3 movies failed in box-office, though the music was great. OP Nayyar started packing his bags and was heading back to Lahore. Baaz was produced by Guru Dutt. Guru Dutt told OP Nayyar that he was going to produce another movie and OP just try to give music in that too. OP Nayyar believed in himself as he got another opportunity and this time The movie and the music were big hits and because of the music, the movie too became a huge blockbuster and that was Aar Paar. Here we can see Guru Dutt believed OP Nayyar and OP Nayyar kept the patience and believed in himself.


Sailesh mukherjee




1) Is Ishq Ki Daman Mein (with Zohrabai) (Andhon Ki Duniya-1947)
2) Dekh Chand Ki Oar Musafir (with Shamshad Begum) (Aag-1948)
3) Rab Mere Arz Sun Meri (with Mukesh) (Aag-1948)
4) Jhoom Jhoom Lehraye Tiranga (with Uma Devi) (The Last Message-1949)
5) Chal Chal Chalke Ras Ki Gagariya (with Uma Devi) (The Last Message-1949)
6) Sadiyon Royega Sansar Nahi Aiso Janam Baar (The Last Message-1949)
7) Chupke Se Ho Gaya Pyaar (with Asha Bhosle) (Suhag Sindoor-1953)
8) Ek Hai Dil Aur Do Deewane (Suhag Sindoor-1953)
9) Mere Ladle Balam Tohe (with Geeta Dutt) (Suhag Sindoor-1953)
10) Dekha Dekha Duniya Tera Rang (Suhag Sindoor-1953)
11) Bahut Khel Khele Bahut Haare Jeete (Suhag Sindoor-1953)
12) Kai Din Se Sawan Barsasta Hai Rhimjhim (with Asha Bhosle) (Samaj-1954)
13) O Choonva Moonva_Deke Daam Lele (Naya Kadam-1958)
14) Gaon Gaon Mein Filmi Tarana (with Uma Devi) (Deepak-1951)

As a composer–

Suhag Sindoor (1953)-

1) O Gori Tori Dibiya Bhara Hai (Geeta Dutt) (Lyrics: SK Deepak)
2) Sakhi Saajan Ne Mujhko Bulaya Hai (Geeta Dutt) (Lyrics: Suresh Tripathi)
3) Ek Hai Dil Aur Do Deewane (Sailesh Mukherjee) (Lyrics: Suresh Tripathi)
4) Dekha Dekha Duniya Tera Rang (Sailesh Mukherjee) (Lyrics: Suresh Tripathi)
5) Bahut Khel Khele Bahut Haare Jeete (Sailesh Mukherjee) (Lyrics: Suresh

6) Main Toh Chali Re Piya Ke Desh (Geeta Dutt) (Lyrics: Suresh Tripathi)
Parichay (1954)-

1) Muskaye Gagan Haiyo Lehraye Pavan (Lata) (Lyrics: Akhtar Yusuf)
2) Dil Ke Fafole Jal Uthe (Lata) (Lyrics: Keshav Trivedi)
3) Aansuon Ki Chaanv Mein Bhi Hans Le (Lata) (Lyrics: Akhtar Yusuf)
4) Shatranji Chaal Hai Chahat Ki Baazi (Lata) (Lyrics: Akhtar Yusuf)
5) Kismat Ke Aanchal Ne Kiska Ponchh Diya (Rafi) (Lyrics: Keshav Trivedi)

Savera (1958)–

1) Aankh Michuli Khel Rahi Hai (Lata) (Lyrics: Shailendra)
2) Nadiya Ke Paani O Re (Lata) (Lyrics: Shailendra)
3) Jeevan Ke Raaste Hazaar (Manna Dey) (Lyrics: Shailendra)
4) Chupa Chupi O Chupi (Manna, Lata) (Lyrics: Shailendra)
5) O Pardesi Chora Chaila Gora (Lata) (Lyrics: Shailendra)
6) Tere Bin Mora Jiya Na Maane (Geeta Dutt) (Lyrics: Prem Dhavan)
7) Tehro Zara Si Der Toh (Geeta Dutt) (Lyrics: Prem Dhavan)

Shailesh Mukherjee was a versatile artist who had a divine voice and as a

composer, he just excelled..Sailesh worked as an assistant to Vasant Desai

during the late 40’s. Vasant Desai gave him an opportunity to sing in the

movie Andhon ki Duniya in which he was himself the assistant composer. The

song was not that popular. In the very next year, Shailesh Mukherjee worked

with Ram Ganguly in Aag and the 2 songs which he rendered took him to great

heights. The 2 songs became very popular in the radio and even today it is

quite popular. The 2 songs were ‘Dekh Chand Ki Oar Musafir’ (with Shamshad

Begum) and ‘Rab Mere Arz Sun Meri’ (with Mukesh)..Shailesh Mukherjee again

worked with Ram Ganguly in Deepak and then in Suhani Raat, but the movie

released very late in 1974 and the songs were not released in a any record and

rather went unnoticed. Shailesh Mukherjee also sang songs under Arun Kumar,

Abid Hussain Khan, Sushant Banerjee and Pt. Shivram. The last song he sang was

in Naya Kadam(1958) under Pt. Shivram. ‘O Choova Moonva’, a peppy solo song

penned by Shailendra.

He was also an excellent composer and composed for 3 hindi movies. The first

movie was Suhag Sindoor. In Suhag Sindoor, Shailesh Mukerjee composed 7 songs,

and Suresh Kumar composed 4 songs. Suresh Kumar was also the assistant of the

movie..All the songs in this movie are gems. Shailesh Mukherjee’s strength was

he could compose any type of songs. After Suhag Sindoor, he composed music in

Parichay and Savera. In Parichay, the sentimental songs which Lata Mangeshkar

sang under him are gems..And the Same Sailesh Mukherjee composed bhajans as

well as peppy songs in Savera, which was his last movie as a music director.

‘Chupa Chupi O Chupi’ is still a favorite among children and ‘Nadiya Ke Paani

O Re’ is still very popular in the radio as it was around 55 years ago. He

worked with lyricsts like SK Deepak, Suresh Tripathi, Shailendra, Prem Dhavan,

Keshav Trivedi and Akhtar Yusuf.

Very few people know that Shailesh Mukherjee was also a talented actor and he acted in few movies under the pen name, ‘Srikant Gaurav’..
First movie was ‘Miya Biwi Raazi’ in which he played the lead role along with

Mehmood..And The Second movie was ‘Pyar Ki Pyaas’. Apart from this, he also

sang many Gujarati bhajans and some Bengali basic non-film songs. The popular

song, ‘Chodo Chodo Mori Baiyaan’ sung by Suman Kalyanpur from Miya Biwi Raazi

was picturized on Sailesh Mukherjee.

As an artist, he always excelled in all departments, be it singing, composing

or acting. A real versatile artist. Our humble salutes to this ever-talented


Talat Mahmood songs list (in the 60’s)

Abdullah(1960) (Music: Bulo.C.Rani)

1) Maangne Se Jo Maut Mil Jaati (not released in 78 rpm) (Lyrics: Shevan Rizvi)

Bahana (1960) (Music: Madan Mohan, lyrics: Rajinder Krishan)

2) Teri Nigahon Mein Teri Hi Bahaon Mein (with Asha Bhosle)


3) Berehram Aasmaan Meri Manzil Bata Hai Kahan (Part 1)


4) Berehram Aasmaan Meri Manzil Bata Hai Kahan (Part 2)


Captain India (1960) (Music: Hemant Kedar, lyrics: Rajaram Sakhi)

5) Mein Pad Rahi Hoon Tumko (with Sudha Malhotra)


Ek Phool Char Kaante (1960) (Music: Shankar Jaikishan)

6) Dil Ae Dil Baharon Se Mil (with Lata) (Lyrics: Shailendra)


Mohabbat Ki Jeet (1960) (Music: Mohammed Shafi, Lyrics: SR Saaj)

7) Kahiye Suniye Aao Dono (with Sudha Malhotra)


Rangeela Raja (1960) (Music: Shivram, Lyrics: Asad Bhopali)

8) Hum Tumhare Ho Chuke Hain (with Sudha Malhotra)

Usne Kaha Tha (1960) (Music: Salil Choudhary)

9) Aha Rhimjim Ke Pyare Pyare Geet Liye (with Lata) (Lyrics: Shailendra)

Apsara(1961) (Music: Husanlal-Bhagatram)

10) Har Dam Tumhi Ko Pyaar (with Asha Bhosle) (Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri)

11) Tu Mere Saath Mein Tere Saath (with Asha Bhosle) (Lyrics: Qamar Jalalabadi)


12) Hai Zindagi Kitni Haseen (with Asha Bhosle)


Apalam Chapalam (1961) (Music: Chitragupta, lyrics: Prem Dhavan)

13) Tere Darbar Mein Leke Aayi Hoon (with Lata, chorus)

Matlabi Duniya (1961) (Music: Sushant Banerjee, Bharat Mehta, Lyrics: Ramesh Gupta)

14) Jai Jai Jai Bharat Desh (with Ameerbai, chorus)


15) Mere Bapu Se Yeh Kehna


Chaya(1961) (Music: Salil Choudhary, lyrics: Rajinder Krishan)

16) Itna Na Mujhe Se Tu (with Lata) (Happy)

17)  Itna Na Mujhe Se Tu (with Lata) (Sad Version)

18) Aankhon Mein Masti Sharab Ki


19) Aansoo Samaj Se Kyon Mujhe


Pyar Ki Pyaas (1961) (Music: Vasant Desai, Lyrics: Bharat Vyas)

20) Sawan Ke Jhoole Pade (with Lata)

Reshmi Roomal (1961) (Music: Babul, Lyrics: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan)

21) Jab Chaye Kabhi Saawan Ki Ghata


Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (1961) (Music: Shankar Jaikishan)

22) Tum To Dil Ke Taar (Lyrics: Shailendra)


23) Suno Bhai Hamne Pee Liye Hai Todi (Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri)


24) Tu Roop Ki Rani Mein Choron Ka Raja (with Lata) (Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri)


Pyar Ki Dastan (1961) (Music: Nashad, Lyrics: Sarvar)

25) Sun Le Meri Jaan (with Suman Kalyanpur)

Saugandh (1961) (Music: Dilip Dholakia, Lyrics: Prem Dhavan)

26) Chali Hawaein Matwari (with Lata)


27) Aaja Re Chand Mere (with Lata)


Saaya (1961) (Music: Ram Ganguly)

28) Ab Mushkil Hai Phir Se Milna (with Ashima Banerjee) (Lyrics: Verma Malik)


Suhag Sindoor (1961) (Music: Chitragupta, Lyrics: Rajinder Krishan)

29) Bagon Mein Khilte Hai Phool (with Lata)


Shahi Farmaan (1961) (Music: Harbans)

30) Koi Kisi Ka Meet Nahi (with Suman Kalyanpur) (Lyrics: Naqsh Lyalpuri)


Tel Malish Boot Polish (Music: Chitragupt, Lyrics: Prem Dhavan)

31) Mehlon Mein Rehne Wali (with Lata)


Teen Ustad (1961) (Music: Dilip Dholakia, Lyrics: Prem Dhavan)

32) Khoye Khoye Hum (with Suman Kalyanpur) (not available)

Wazir-E-Azam (1961) (Music: Robin Banerjee)

33) Na Hum Tum Na Zalim Zamana

Wanted (1961) (Music: Ravi, Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni)

34) Maine Bhi Husn Ki

Burma Road (1962) (Music: Chitragupta, Lyrics: Majrooh)

35) Mausam Yeh Pukare Masti Mein Le Chal (with Lata)


Naqli Nawab(1962) (Music: Babul)

36) Mast Ankhen Hai Ki Paimane Do (with Asha Bhosle) (Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi)


Pathan(1962) (Music: Jimmy)

37) Chand Mera Badalon Mein Kho Gaya (Lyrics: Aish Kanwal)


38) Aa Ja Ke Bulate Hain (Lyrics: Khawar Zaman)


Prem Patra (1962) (Music: Salil Choudhary)

39) Sawan Ki Raaton Mein (with Lata) (Lyrics: Gulzar)


40) Ye Mere Andhere Ujale Na Hote (with Lata) (Lyrics: Rajinder Krishan)


Raj Nandini (1962) (Music: Ramchandra Pal)

41) Raat Aayi Hai Aanchal (with Asha) (Lyrics: SH Bihari) (??)

Kinare Kinare (1963) (Music: Jaidev, Lyrics: Nyay Sharma)

42) Dekh Li Teri Kudai

Rustom Sohrab (1963) (Music: Saajad Hussain)

43) Mazandaran Mazandaran (Lyrics: Jan Nisar Akhtar)


Jahan Ara (1964) (Music: Madan Mohan, Lyrics: Rajinder Krishan)

44) Phir Wohi Sham Wohi Gham


45) Main Teri Nazar Ka Suroor Hoon


46) Teri Aankh Ke Ansoo

47) Ae Sanam Aaj Yeh Kasam (with Lata)


Sunheri Nagin (Music: Kalyanji-Anandji)

48) Milke Bhi Hum Mil Na Sake (with Lata)

Haqkeekat (1964) (Music: Madan Mohan, Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi)

49) Ho Ke Majboor Mujhe (with Rafi, Manna Dey, Bupinder Singh)


Chandi Ki Deewar (1964) (Music: N.Dutta, Lyrics: Sahir)

50) Laage Tose Nain (with Asha)


51) Ashkon Ne Jo Paya Hai


Shagoon (1964) (Music: Khayyam, Lyrics: Sahir)

52) Itne Kareeb Aake Bhi (with Mubarak Begum)


Suhagan (1964) (Music: Madan Mohan, Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri)

53) Tumhi To Meri Pooja Ho (with Lata)

Mein Suhagan Hoon (Music: Lacchiram)

54) Yeh Kis Manzil Pe Le Aayi (Lyrics: Asad Bhopali)

Ek Saal Pehle (1965) (Music: C.Arjun)

55) Nazar Utha Ke Ye Rangeen (with Asha) (Lyrics: Jan Nisar Akhtar)


Kunwari(1966) (Music: SN Tripathi, Lyrics: Shailendra)

56) Pyar Ke Palchin Beete Hue Din

Gogola(1966) (Music: Roy-Frank, Lyrics: Balkavi Bairagi)

57) Zara Keh Do Fizaon Se (with Mubarak Begum)

Biwi Aur Makan (Music: Hemant Kumar, Lyrics: Gulzar)

58) Mujho Mohabbat (with Joginder, Manna Dey, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar)

Susheela(1966) (Music: C.Arjun, Lyrics: Jan Nisar Akhtar)

59) Gham ki andheri raat mein (with Rafi)

Aawara Ladki (1967) (Music: Dhaniram, Lyrics: Rajnikant)

60) Aao Badal Chain Se

Hamare gham se mat khelo (1967) (Music: Jaidev)

61) Ansoo Chupaye Aankh Main

Aadni(1968) (Music: Naushad, Lyrics: Shakeel)

62) Kaisi Haseen Aaj Baharon (with Rafi)

Pathar Ke Khwab (1969) (Music: N.Dutta, Lyrics: Pal Premi)

63) Yaadon Ka Sahara Na Hota

Sakhi Lutera (1969) (Music: BN Bali, Lyrics: Aziz Ghazi)

64) Tum Pe Qurban Dil (with Usha Balsavakar)






Meena Kumari, as the name comes, it leaves everyone speeechless with wonders in the mind.
She is known for her versatile acting, her charming dance and her beautiful expressions.
But, She had one more great quality i.e her voice…Her voice had something special in it, that is something
spectacular and beyond the reach of anybody.She sang many great songs and earned her recognition in singing too.

She started her career playing the role of a child actress in few movies like Nai Roshni, Leatherface,
Pooja and few others.There was another movie Bahen which released in 1941.
In this movie, merely at the age of 8 yrs, she sang a beautiful song with Beena Kumari
“Tora Kajra Lagoon Mori Rani”.In this song, Meena Kumari is looking very cute and this song was
the initial break which she got for her bright life ahead.It creates a sheer nostalic moments for all the people to watch and listen her.This song is beyond the reach of imagination.
It is composed by Anil Biswas and lyrics are written by Safdar Aah Sitapuri..
You can listen this song here:-

After this movie, She worked in many more movies playing the role of a child actress in few other movies like
Garib, Pratigya and Lal Haveli.

She achived a big break in Duniya Ek Sarai(1947)..
She sang 3 songs in this movie..Music is composed by Hansraj Behl.

1) Sawan Beet Gayo Maai Re (http://www.divshare.com/download/17172434-7b9)
2) Cheen Le Hamari Hansi(with Zohrabai) (http://www.divshare.com/download/17184827-dd6)
3) Ma Dekh Ri Ma Badli Hui Jawan(http://www.divshare.com/download/17184960-d58)

Then She sang around 7 songs in Piya Ghar Aaja(1947).
Here are 4 songs from this movie..
Music was given by Bulo.C.Rani.

1) Ek Baar Phir Kaho(http://www.divshare.com/download/17185138-773)
2) Na Koi Dilaasa Hai(http://www.divshare.com/download/17185191-c2d)
3) Ankiyan Taras Rahi Piya(http://www.divshare.com/download/17185651-94b)
4) Nain Base Ho Raja Dil Mein(with Karan Dewan) (http://www.divshare.com/download/17185761-35e)

5) Desh Paraye Jaanewale Bhool
6) Nain Dor Se Bandh Liyo Chitchor(with Karan Dewan)

(This song is Contributed by DR Surjit Singh ji)…


7) Mere Sapnon Ki Duniya Basanewale

After this movie, Meena Kumari lent her voice in another movie Bichade Balam(1948).
This movie had 6 songs which were sung by Meena Kumari.
I am sharing the 3 songs rendered wonderfully by Meena Kumari.
Music was conmposed by Bulo.C.Rani.

1) Haseeno Ko Dil Mein Basana Bura Hai(with AR Oza and Mohammed Faruqui)(http://www.divshare.com/download/17172589-73f)
2) Aata Hai Dil Pyaar Se(http://www.divshare.com/download/17185898-39f)
3) Ek Aag Lagi Dil Mein(http://www.divshare.com/download/17185911-116)

Remaining songs:-

4) Mere Piya Na Aaye Tarsaaye Re
5) Bol Re Bol Mere Pyare Papihe(with AR Ojha)
6) Hai Piya Mujhe Lalchaye Jiya.

Meena Kumari also sang few words for a song in Pinjre Ki Panchi(1966) with Manna Dey.
Music by Salil Choudhary and lyrics by Gulzar.
Here is the song..

Aisa Bhi Kabhi Hoga(with Manna Dey) (http://www.divshare.com/download/17186118-1a6)


Meena Kumari worked with Khayyam Saheb for an album “I WRITE, I RECITE” in the year 1970.
There were total 8 Ghazals in this album.When she recited these ghazals, She was not well..
But, She rendered all the ghazals beautifully with her divine voice.

1) Chand Tanha Hai Aasmaan Tanha(http://www.divshare.com/download/17186195-0c2)

Here is the lyrics:-

Chand Tanha Hai Asman Tanha
Dil Mila Hai Kahan Kahan Tanha

Bujh Gai As Chup Gaya Tara
Thartharata Raha Dhuan Tanha

Zindagi Kya Isi Ko Kahte Hain
Jism Tanha Hai Aur Jan Tanha

Hamsafar Koi Gar Mile Bhi Kahin
Donon Chalte Rahe Tanha Tanha

2) Ablappa Koi Is Dasht Mein Aaya Hoga(http://www.divshare.com/download/17186235-0b5)

Here is the lyrics:-

Ablapa koi is dasht main aya hoga
warna andhi main diya kis ne jalaya hoga

zarre zarre pe jare honge kunware sajde
ek ek but ko Khuda us ne banaya hoga

pyas jalte huye kanton ki bujhai hogi
riste pani ko hatheli pe sajaya hoga

mil gaya hoga agar koi sunahari patthar
apna tuta hua dil yad to aya hoga

khun k chinte kahin poch na len rehron se
kis ne wirane ko gulzar banaya hoga’


3) Yun Teri Rah-Guzar Ke  (http://www.divshare.com/download/23946706-1a6

yuuN terii rah-guzar se diivaanaa-vaar guzre
kaaNdhe pe apne rakh ke apnaa mazaar guzre 

baiThe rahe haiN raaste meN dil kaa khanDhar sajaa kar
shaayad isii taraf se ek din bahaar guzre 

bahtii huii ye nadiyaa ghulte hu’e kinaare
ko’ii to paar utre, ko’ii to paar guzre 

tuu ne bhii ham ko dekhaa hamne bhii tujhko dekhaa
tuu dil hii haar guzraa, ham jaan haar guzre


4) Mera Manzil Teri Tanhai (http://www.divshare.com/download/23946708-6a0

‘Meraa maazii
merii tanhaa’ii kaa ye andhaa shigaaf
ye ke saaNsoN kii tarah mere saath chaltaa rahaa
jo merii nabz kii maanind mere saath jiyaa
jisko aate hu’e jaate hu’e be-shumaar lamhe
apnii sanglaaKh ungliyoN se gehraa karte rahe, karte gaye
kisii kii oak paa lene ko lahuu bahtaa rahaa
kisii ko ham-nafas kahne kii justujuu meN rahaa
ko’ii to ho jo be-saaKhtaa isko pahchaane
taRap ke palte, achaanak ise pukaar uThThe
‘mere ham-shaaKh
mere ham-shaaKh merii udaasiyoN ke hissedaar
mere adhuurepan ke dost
tamaam zakhm jo tere haiN
mere dard tamaam
terii karaah kaa rishtaa hai merii aahoN se
tuu ek masjid-e-viiraaN hai, maiN terii azaaN
azaaN jo apnii hii viiraangii se takraa kar
dhakii chhupii hu’ii bevaa zamiiN ke daaman par
paRhe namaaz Khudaa jaane kisko sijdaa kare’

‘Ye nuur kaisaa hai
raaKh kaa saa rang pahne
barf kii laash hai
laave kaa saa badan pahne
guuNgii chaahat hai
rusvaa’ii kaa kafan pahne
har ek qatraa muqaddas hai maile aaNsuu kaa
ek hujuum-e-apaahij hai aab-e-kausar par
ye kaisaa shor hai jo be-aavaaz phailaa hai
rupahlii chaaNv meN – badnaamioN kaa Deraa hai
ye kaisii jannat hai jo chaunk-chaunk jaatii hai
ek intizaar-e-mujassam ka naam – Khamoshii
aur ehsaas-e-bekaraaN pe ye sarhad kaisii?
dar-o-diivaar kahaaN ruuh kii aavaargii ke
nuur kii vaadii talak lams kaa ek safar-e-taviil
har ek moR pe bas do hii naam milte haiN
maut kah lo – jo muhabbat nahiiN kahne paa’o’
6)  Aagaz Tho Hota Hai (Meena Kumari)
7) Poochte Ho Tho Suno (Meena Kumari)
8) Tukde Tukde Din Beeta (Meena Kumari)
Wish she had rendered more such beauties…Meena Kumari concentrated more on acting and became one of the leading stars in the 50’s and 60’s…But, these songs shall always remain immortal. Hats off to the SINGING MAESTRO–MEENA KUMARI.

A composer par excellence was Lal Mohammed Saheb..

In his entire film career, he just scored music for mere 4 movies. But, some of his compositions establishes and truly deserves a remarkable place.

Lal Mohammed was the assistant of Pt Ghulam Haider and also played Tabla for many of his songs. He started his film career with Tadbeer released in 1945 which had songs rendered by KL Saigal, Suraiya and Naseem Akhtar..

The first song is this classic ‘Gareebo Ki Duniya Hai Tere Hawale’ rendered by Saigal and Suraiya. By hearing such brilliant compositions by Lal Mohammed, this shows how talented composer he was. He has used heavy orchestration with gentle use of violins. A trademark composition by Lal Mohammed. This song is penned by Swami Ramand…

Here is the link to this song…

Talking about the second song from Tadbeer(1945), the song is ‘Banke Nainon Se Karke Ishaare’ rendered by Naseem Akhtar. Here too Lal Mohammed has used his high influence on heavy orchestration and nicely used the violins to balance the song properly. This is a very rarely heard song which enters the soul immediatedly as soon as we hear the song. Hats off to Lal Mohammed….

Here is the link for this song…


Another gem from the same movie, this time rendered by the genius KL Saigal. ‘Divine’ and ‘Intoxicating’ are the only 2 words i can use here. How beautifully Lal Mohammed has composed this song, this time he has used light orchestration. Melody cannot be better than this. Enjoy this rare song…

The fourth song from the same movie is a Suraiya solo. Here too Lal Mohammed has used heavy orchestration and Suraiya has wonderfully rendered the song in high octaves in the antras. Apart from violins, the light dholaks played in the antras takes this song to a different level.

‘Jaag Ae Sonewale, Koi Jagane Aaya’.

Here is the link for this song.

This movie had some other beauties like Janam Janam Ke Dukhiya (KL Saigal), Rani Khol De Apne Dwar (KL Saigal, Suraiya), Mein Kismat Ka Maara (Kl Saigal) and Janam Janam Ka Dukhiya (KL Saigal)

The next year saw the release of ‘Omar Khayyam’ in 1946. This movie too had some of the best songs delivered by the genius combination of Lal Mohammed and Kl Saigal.

Lets talk about 2 songs from this movie..

The first song is ‘Allah Hoon Umar Khayyam Hoon’. A gem of a song rendered by Kl Saigal with chorus. These songs are rarely heard these days, but those days such songs were very popular and also frequently played in ‘Bhoole Bisre Geet’ in SLBC. We can just go on listening these songs endlessly.

Enjoy this rare gem.

Here is another gem from Omar Khayyam(1946) rendered by KL Saigal. The humming by the chorus and light violins played in the antras makes this song simply unforgettable and matchless. A great evergreen composition by Lal Mohammed Saheb…

‘Hare Bhare Bhaag Ke Gaanv’.


The next movie was ‘Sohni Mahiwal’ released in 1946. This movie had 11 songs.

Here are four songs  from this movie. There is a Lal Mohammed ‘stamp’ in each of these songs. Only he could have composed these songs..This movie had songs rendered by Zohrabai, GM Durrani and Naseem Akhtar

The first song is ‘Chalo Pyari Sakhi’ rendered by GM Durrani and Zohrabai.


Here is another GM Durrani-Zohrabai duet from Sohni Mahiwal(1946). Both of them have done full justice to this brilliant composition by Lal Mohammed and rendered it fabulously. Penned by Munshi Dil. The ending part is really haunting.

‘O Tujh Pe Salam Ae Mere Nakaam-Ae-Mohabbat’.

The third song is ‘Mujhe Lut Liya Re’ rendered by Naseem Akhtar. The orchestration is simply out of the world. The first 55 seconds prelude is haunting. The violin pieces played accompanied by light piano. Excellent composition by Lal Mohammed and penned by Swami Ramanand.

Here is the song-


The fourth song is rendered by GM Durrani with Reva Shankar. Nicely composed by Lal Mohammed and penned by Swami Ramamand. Enjoy this song.

‘Dekh Surat Tumhari’



The fourth and last movie for which Lal Mohammed composed music was ‘Mitti(1947)’ with Piganker. This movie had some fantastic songs rendered by Khursheed. Here is one such song from this movie by Khursheed.

Lal Mohammed has composed this song amazingly.

‘Thokrein Khayen Mohabbat Mein Pareshan’.



Though he composed music for only 4 movies, but his songs will always be remembered and will stay in our heart for years to come. He deserved much more from our film industry. Hats off to this genius composer ‘LAL MOHAMMED’ who will always remain one of the GREATEST EVER.

Manmohan Krishna sings for OP Nayyar-

Actor/ Singer Manmohan Krishna sang 2 non-filmy songs for OP Nayyar..

Manmohan Krishna was a great singer. He sang many songs in HFM.
This actor had sung two non-filmy songs too for OP Nayyar in Lahore HMV in the
late 40’s.Both these songs were written by Saroj Mohini Nayyar.

The first song is “Bujhe Diye Hua Andhera”..

Here is the link from my collection–


The second song is ‘Diya Tho Jala Sab Raat Re Balam”..

The special feature about this song was the song was re-sung by CH Atma
later and was used in the movie Dhake Ki Malmal(1956)…

Enjoy the Manmohan Krishna version–